abbreviation of cbd

Abbreviation of cbd

But research is indicating that CBD -rich strains of the plant actually have anti-tumoral properties.

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CBD has been shown to have significant health benefits as an antioxidant and neuroprotectant.

He postulates that CBD , by virtue of its ability to silence ID-1 expression, could be a breakthrough anti-cancer medication.

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Origin of CBD

Abbreviation of cbd

Currently the Food and Drug Administration has only approved one CBD product, a prescription drug called Epidiolex to treat two rare forms of epilepsy. In July, the FDA expanded what the drug is approved to treat, saying it can also be used for seizures associated with tuberous sclerosis complex.

FDA to hold its 1st public hearing on CBD

The FDA has tested various products and found that many didn’t have the amount of CBD they had advertised, and has often sent warning letters to companies that make unfounded health claims.

How do you use CBD?

Celebrities are also getting in on the craze. Martha Stewart recently released a line of CBD wellness products. Rob Gronkowski has one, too.

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