alabama cbd

Alabama cbd

If you’re wondering where you can buy CBD oil in Alabama, the answer is everywhere — from various online sites to brick-and-mortar stores. Just as in the rest of the US, the popularity of hemp-derived CBD as a health-and-wellness supplement in Alabama has skyrocketed since 2018 when Congress passed legislation legalizing its use federally. Hemp-sourced CBD is used to treat anxiety, pain, stress, seizures and help people living with such illnesses as MS, It’s now available in Alabama in an array of products from oils and edibles to pet treats and bath bombs.

CBD Oil In Alabama

Thanks to a state bill signed in 2019, pharmacies have been able to join other Alabama retailers in selling CBD oils and other products?

Final Thoughts

The big takeaway for buying CBD oil in Alabama is: do your homework. The CBD oil market is relatively new in Alabama compared to many other US states so you want to purchase from a reputed, trustworthy source that uses industrial hemp to make its products. Buying online also gives you the chance to shop around for the best quality, products and prices and examine lab reports on the items sold by companies.

Alabama cbd

Reliable brands include comprehensive information about their products, helping consumers identify the ideal CBD product they should try.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) also gathers consumer reviews and reports on CBD stores in Alabama (14) . The BBB only accredits credible stores and businesses within a state.

Broad-spectrum CBD contains most of the components of the hemp plant, except THC .

Buying CBD Legally

The primary qualifying condition for a CBD product ’s legality is that its contents should have less than 0.3 0 percent THC content on a dry weight basis .

Third-party lab results confirm the potency and contents of CBD products . These results typically include cannabinoid and terpene profiles for consumers to see the exact amount of CBD present and compare these findings with what is on the label.

How to Choose Which CBD Products to Buy

Full-spectrum CBD contains all the components of the hemp plant , including THC . As long as the product contains a THC concentration within the FDA -approved amount, the product is federally legal to purchase and possess.

The FDA has previously issued memorandums warning companies that made unproven claims about CBD as a treatment for medical conditions (8) . Companies in the CBD industry now include disclaimers on their websites, clarifying that CBD is not medicine.