athletes and cbd

For most athletes and sports enthusiasts, the search for performance enhancing additions to add to your routine can be undying and often challenging. Because supplements and substances used by athletes – especially professional ones – must conform to anti-doping laws, be safe while effective, and these days are preferably natural, there is a new player in the field. Enter CBD, or cannabidiol.

CBD is making waves among athletes and sports enthusiast who claim the benefits can vary from accelerated recovery, to better sleep, to less stress of upcoming events. Though many organizations still consider THC, the often-better known cousin of CBD, to be an illicit substance the World Anti-Doping Agency does permit the use of CBD for athletes. It’s always best to check with your particular sports and leagues rules, but overall, CBD is gaining more and more popularity among athletes since being removed from the WAD’s list of controlled substances. Let’s take a closer look at why, and how CBD could benefit your athletic routine:

CBD use for athletes is on the rise, and one major influencer is the ability to pass a drug test. As an athlete turning to CBD, always be sure to double check label claims for accuracy so you are in compliance with your team or league’s substance rules. Most companies are transparent in their claims but airing on the side of caution and relying on brands backed by third party -lab-test results is your best way to ensure safety.

Can you imagine the day you wait in line for the next limited-edition, athlete-branded CBD oils like you would have for pair of Jordans in the dead of winter?

Sounds crazy, but the sports industry is now about more than just buying your favorite jersey and going to a game. The expansion of brands, players, and investments have crept into every facet of society, from politics to pop culture. With CBD partnerships like Alex Morgan and Rob Gronkowski with CBDMEDIC, Brett Favre and Green Eagle, and Megan Rapinoe with Mendi, word is truly getting out that cannabis products present an opportunity to make athletes a ton of money.

Picture it: LeBron-branded CBD Brownies (also known as “LeBrownies,” and yes, I just made that up) for recovery. A Cristiano Ronaldo CBD roll-on called “Association Footbalm” (yes, I just made that up as well).