best cbd for asthma

Best cbd for asthma

If you search online, you will likely see a wide range of dosages that help people with symptom relief from asthma. Most products that you buy will have general dosing guidelines on the back to help you get started. It is best to start low and gradually increase the dosage until you get symptom relief. As mentioned above, CBD oil has is studied [9] to be safe in oral doses up to 1,200mg.

CBD oil is one of the more common ways to take CBD and typically involves putting the recommended dosage or drops under the tongue for quick absorption. It is crucial to choose a high-quality CBD oil to get the best results.

Although more research is needed, the evidence is pretty clear to support the use of CBD in managing symptoms associated with asthma and other chronic lung diseases.

To reduce symptoms, conventional treatments [10] for severe asthma include long-term control medications such as preventive inhalers to prevent airway narrowing, short-term oral medications such as corticosteroids, rescue inhalers, and immunotherapy.

Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD may also decrease hyperresponsiveness [4] in your respiratory airway by reducing sensitivity to triggers that may cause an asthma attack.

CBD, like grapefruit, is known to interact with enzymes belonging to the cytochrome p450 family and may lead to the altered metabolism of certain medications.

All CBD products are not equal. CBD sells in a variety of different forms based on its ingredient composition. Here are three types of CBD oil you may find.

How To Use CBD Oil For Asthma?

According to a study [3] from 2019 by the European Journal of Pharmacology, CBD consumption decreased inflammation and improved lung function in mice with experimental allergic asthma.

Unfortunately, many of these standard treatment options come with adverse effects. For instance, the use of preventative inhalers can lead to oral fungal infections and a sore throat.

Best cbd for asthma

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