best temperature for cbd

It may take you a few sessions to dial in your preferred temperatures for vaping CBD oil. You can use the following procedure to experiment with your temperature settings.

Cannabigerol (CBG) is considered the “mother cannabinoid” because it produces several other cannabinoids when it metabolizes. CBG may be useful in lowering intraocular pressure and fighting antibiotic-resistant bacteria. CBG boils at around 220°F (185°C).

Another exceptionally terpene-rich strain, Forbidden Fruit expresses mouthwatering cherry and citrus flavors at lower temperatures. The indica-dominant hybrid gets these delicious terpenes from its parents, Cherry Pie and Tangie. After you’ve had your fill of the strain’s fruity flavors, turn your vape to around 365-428°F (200-220°C) to take full advantage of the CBD content.

Setting the Best Temperatures for Vaping CBD Oil

Indica-dominant Gorilla Glue is famous for its expansive terpene profile. You’ll want to begin on the lowest setting and work your way up to enjoy all the subtle flavors. See if you can detect the subtle pine, chocolate, and coffee notes.

Terpinolene has an herbal, woody aroma with citrusy overtones. Known for its anti-microbial qualities, terpinolene boils around 365°F (185°C).

Cannabidiol (CBD) must be heated to around 338°F (170°C) in order to convert into vapor. However, CBD vape oils need to reach a higher temperature to produce inhalable vapor. The ideal temperature range for vaping CBD oil is between 365-428°F (200-220°C). Heating CBD vape oil at temperatures above the recommended range may burn the oil, producing harmful carcinogens.


Full-spectrum CBD vape oils typically include trace amounts of other cannabinoids, which contribute to the entourage effect .

Delta-8 THC is an excellent choice for people who want something more psychoactive than CBD but don’t wish to experience the intense effects of regular THC. Delta-8 boils at a slightly lower temperature than its more famous sister cannabinoid, around 347°F (175°C).

Best temperature for cbd

However, if you are interested in the highest level of psychotropic effects that you can achieve, then higher temperatures are what you want.

If you have trouble sleeping at night, then this might be the most suitable time for high temp vaping because it can cause more lethargy and sleepiness. When this stage of a high is reached, it is often referred to as couch-lock.

Low temperature for vaping is considered to be about 325 ° F up to 350° F. You could refer to these lower temperatures as lightly toasting the cannabis.

With a convection vaporizer, the plant material is heated from the hot air the heat source creates and the air is circulated throughout the cannabis which prevents scorching.

Vaping At Medium Temperatures

When vaping at low temperatures the effects you will get from your cannabis are likely to be much more subdued.


The vapor that you get within this range will be warmer and thicker when compared to a lower temperature setting. The cannabinoids will have more taste at higher temps.

Vaping At Lower Temperatures

Also, the high that you do get can be less and you shouldn’t feel as intoxicated, but you still gain the calming effect that so many seek.

It could be that no set temperature suits everyone. Vaping cannabis can deliver effects in varying degrees depending on the temperature you use, so the temperature is very important, so you need to be well informed with vaporizers before making a purchase. A better than average vaporizer will give you the chance to experiment with the entourage effect.

Live resin tastes better because it contains more higher concentrations of cannabis terpenes. It vaporizes, however, at the same temperature as other types of distilled cannabis oil. Ideal temperatures vary, but live resin aficionados usually end up setting their batteries somewhere between 203-208°C.

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Take the first puff of your calibrated vape pen, and evaluate the taste. Stickiness on your tongue and a lack of vapor can be a sign that your pen is set too low.

1. Make sure the battery is charged

Each cannabinoid, terpene, and flavonoid in cannabis has its own boiling point. Expressed in resin sacs called trichomes at the tips of cannabis buds, these compounds generally vaporize easily.

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CBD Vaping 101 — What temp should I set my vape to?

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