billy demoss cbd oil

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Billy demoss cbd oil

Dr. Billy DeMoss has been a chiropractor for over 3 decades and has become one of the movers and shakers in the health movement. He is the founder of California Jam, which is the largest chiropractic seminar in the world. Today our topic is the benefits of CBD oil and the hemp plant, but we also talk about what we need to do to stay in great health and live a long life.

Dr. Billy DeMoss is one of the most sought after international speakers in the chiropractic profession!

Billy demoss cbd oil

Ben: I have one of those Pettibon cervical neck traction devices, and for those of you listening in, I’ll put a link to this thing and this wobble chair that Billy’s talking about in the show notes, and Billy, dude, one of the things that I do in the morning when I walk down stairs and I’m at home is I’ll take a foam roller and dig into some of the areas in the back of my neck, and I’ll put, a lot of times, magnesium lotion or something like that on there to relax the muscles first.

You’ll see ranges of motion improve, you’ll see improvement in structural alignment especially for head posture and lots of lordosis, and then sometimes we can reinvigorate the disk or integrate the disk by having them do not only the adjustments but doing the traction and doing extension exercise and working on core and hydrating and collagen, etcetera, etcetera, and then we see improvements on inclinometry which is digitized range of motion. We see improvements on thermograms. We see improvements on x-rays, and then of course we get subjective improvements. That’s kind of the biggest thing I see, and this is what I notice about chiropractic is that we really take a person out of sympathetic overload, fight or flight, and we move them more into parasympathetic, and you’ll see people’s blood pressure improve. The number one thing I hear from almost all my patients on their twelfth visit, re-exam, is that they sleep better. You take somebody out of sympathetic and put them in the parasympathetic, they’re going to sleep better. They have better digestion, parasympathetic. They have more energy when they digest food better, and they get better sleep. They have better thought when you get more sleep.

Ben: Well what I do is I’ll do that, and then I’ll hang myself from that neck traction device, and you get this awesome pop and this elongation of the cervical spine. It feels amazing.

Ben: Sure, we can bring up Science Babe throwing you under the bus here in a little bit. I actually want to ask, you got more questions though. This wobble chair thing that you’re talking about, can somebody, if they’re listening in, is that something that you can just get for your office? Can you sit and work in that, typing and stuff?