birmingham cbd case study

Birmingham is on a dry-point site on a plateau and is to the North of the River Rea to prevent flooding

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CBD stands for Central Business District which is the hub of the city and the centre of the local government

How did Birmingham develop during the Industrial Revolution?

Birmingham cbd case study

Birmingham City Council is meeting this challenge, supported by MyCity from Atos. At its height, Birmingham was one of the world’s most powerful and productive cities. But following the decline of its traditional industries and massive socio-economic change, it has had to reinvent itself, fast. Using enhanced connectivity as a strategic tool for transformation and economic growth, the Digital Birmingham initiative was launched in 2006.

Birmingham City Council – Developing a MyCity vision for a digital Birmingham – Case Study

However, a key issue for Birmingham City Council – as for many municipal leaders – has been how to overcome complex technical, logistical and political planning barriers to translate its digital vision into practical grass roots reality.

Worldwide the race is on to create digitally connected cities that can flourish and function in ways that attract investment, generate employment, promote sustainability and offer a better quality of life to their citizens.

In 2013, the Digital Birmingham team was ready to take its ambition to the next level in a bid to once again become a truly world-class city. So when the city development plan was due for review, they had the ideal opportunity to make a big change happen…

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