blend and bottle cbd

"I am new using CBD oil, and my experiences with Aire so far have been really positive. I can’t compare it to other similar products as I have not tried others, however, I’ve been more than satisfied with the product I have received, the purchasing process and the timely response from Aire when I had a query. I would defo recommend them."



"As always an outstanding service. Extremely prompt postage and beautifully packaged product! Would thoroughly recommend to anyone looking to restore balance to their lives."

"Lovely tasting, clean CBD. They sent the wrong bottle for our second order but quickly replied to our email and sent the correct bottle out free of charge and let us keep the bottle sent by mistake. proper customer service to rectify a small mistake on their part. recommended."

Blend and bottle cbd

Pre-mixed CBD e-liquid has already proven popular, this might be due to not many people knowing how to mix an unflavoured CBD booster with their current favourite e-liquid. I’m sure if more people knew how to, they would rather this method of vaping CBD as the booster is higher in concentrate than pre-mixed CBD e-liquid.

The Tank Calculation

A 10ml bottle of CBD that contains 500mg means that 1ml of the bottle is equivalent to 50mg CBD. In order to achieve a dosage of 10mg, you would need to divide the 1ml by 5 and add the 0.2ml of CBD to your tank then fill up the rest with your favourite e-juice. In order to add 0.2ml to your tank, you will need to use 4 drops of CBD Booster.

The Shortfill Calculation

Both pre-mixed CBD E-liquid and unflavoured CBD boosters are great, however, the boosters are financially better, and you can enjoy your favourite flavours with the addition of CBD. In addition to this, we believe that it is easier to monitor your daily CBD usage when using a CBD booster whether the tank method or the shortfill method.

Blend and bottle cbd

Place a dropper of the blend in your hand and apply it to face, neck, and chest. You can also put the desired amount of your favorite Young Living face moisturizer, like ART® Intensive Moisturizer, in your hand and add a few drops of this CBD blend for added dewiness.

To use, start by drawing yourself a warm bath. Add one dropper full of this blend to your bathwater and soak in the relaxation.

1 bottle CBD Oil Base

1 drop Lavender

Unwind Time

Sweet citrus and woodsy aromas—what more could you want in a blend? Orange, Valerian, and Pine come together in this CBD and essential oil mix for an uplifting scent best enjoyed in the bath.

In need of some major R & R? We have the perfect bedtime blend for you! Add a tranquil touch to your evening routine and get to relaxing with some of our favorite oils for winding down.

Looking for more inspiration for CBD oil blends? Check out this blog post.

Electric Citrus

With the CBD Pep Bundle, you are well on your way to a cool, minty refresh. These added oils will help you create the perfect icy muscle massage oil.

Apply one dropper of this base into your hand. Massage it on your muscles after exercise or physical activity or massage it into your chest and neck for a refreshing aromatic experience.