can i buy cbd oil in spain

Can i buy cbd oil in spain

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Can i buy cbd oil in spain

Well, it would seem that according to the start of this article, CBD has been banned in Spain by the relevant authorities. However, keep in mind that CBD isn’t even on the list of products regulated by the Spanish authorities that decide exactly what is and isn’t nutrition. This means that technically it isn’t legal nor illegal.

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) is in charge of investigating and analyzing any possible risk associated with food safety in the European Union. If you read between the lines, it’s clear that this particular organization is the one responsible for removing food-related CBD-rich products from Europe, and therefore Spain. In Spain, the organization in charge of regulating the EFSA’s decisions is called the AECOSAN (Agencia Española de Consumo, Seguridad Alimentaria y Nutrición).

Thanks to the free commerce regulation of the EU and the European Justice Court, CBD-rich products can be acquired in Spain as nutritional products. However, they must be imported from a country in the EU in which CBD can be legally consumed and sold as nutrient supplements. The organization involved must simply garner the relevant information regarding the legality of CBD in the country of origin, making sure that it can be legally sold in the country where it was produced.

The AEMPS (Agencia Española de Medicamentos y Productos Sanitarios) is an organization that’s in charge of regulating products that may, in the future, be commercialized as food products or dietary supplements in Spain. In this regard, they have yet to register CBD as a product that’s safe to consume. This means that it can’t be sold as a food product or a product to be ingested. The EFSA de-authorized the legal sale of CBD, so these two organizations seem to be on par with their regulations.

Can I sell CBD for nutritional uses in Spain?

The legal loopholes regarding CBD in Spain allowed it to be sold until the EFSA gave the signal to remove all CBD-rich food products or products designed for ingestion from the market. This has caused quite the confusion and stir among national CBD producers, as many aren’t quite sure as to the legality of it.

The WHO (World Health Organization) is part of the UN (United Nations) and is one of the main authorities when it comes to regulating products and discussing health benefits and risks. They currently operate in six different regions: Africa, Europe, South Asia, Eastern Mediterranean, Western Pacific and the Americas. The office that regulates European legislation is known as the Europe Regional Office (EURO).

The WHO essentially deals with health coordination, promotion, prevention and intervention policies on a global scale. In regards to the topic at hand, Cannabidiol, the WHO issued a statement confirming that CBD does not create a chemical addiction, it does not produce negative side effects and it does indeed contain an incredible amount of beneficial properties.


To understand what exactly is going on with CBD in Spain, Europe and around the world, let’s have a look at the main organizations in charge of regulating and overseeing what products can and can’t be sold.

Is CBD legal in Spain? Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that Cannabis Sativa L plants produce. Recently, more seed banks have been working on breeding strains with high amounts of CBD. You can now find plenty of specific cannabis strains that contain plenty of this cannabinoid but can’t be legally grown due to the fact that they also produce THC.

Can i buy cbd oil in spain

Spain has over 700 members-only cannabis clubs that are open to Spanish residents. Membership in Spain’s Cannabis clubs requires an invitation from an existing member, being over 21 years old, payment of dues, and proof of residency. Although, tourists have been known to frequent one of these establishments via a guest invitation from an existing member.

Is CBD Oil Legal to Travel With?

It’s also important to note that other EU Countries consider CBD oil an illegal substance, so if you purchase CBD oil in one of the three countries mentioned above, make sure you do not take it out of those countries. Like it or not, these fines are definite money makers for local governments, so taking the gamble on not getting your luggage checked is up to you, but please consider this a friendly warning.

Can Spanish Residents Make Their Own CBD Oil?

Interestingly, the EU regulation is managed at each local level, so not all countries adhere strictly to this legislative mandate.