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Thanks to its Indica dominanceThis OG Kush resin is more relaxing physically than mentally. If you suffer from chronic pain and insomnia, this resin can help you to find a gentle sensation of well-being pendant quelques heures. En effet, cette résine permet de soulager les douleurs musculaires et articulaires et favorise le sommeil profond et réparateur. Mentalement, elle vous permet d’être plus apaisé et beaucoup moins stressé.

With its 3.8% CBD contentThis OG Kush resin offers you instant, mildly relaxing effects. This low CBD content is perfectly suited to inexperienced users, who are looking for a light product to get started. That being said, the resin is a highly concentrated product in CBD, so you will only need a small amount to feel powerful relaxing effects.

One thing is certain, his unique aromas of pine and lemon leave no one indifferent. From now on, you can consume this iconic variety in a completely legal way, thanks to this CBD (cannabidiol) resin which contains no trace of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Thus, only the benefits of medical cannabis are offered to you with this sweet OG Kush resin with 3.8% CBD.

Benefits of OG Kush CBD resin

For many years, OG Kush has been a beloved cannabis strain for everyone, if not one of the most famous in the world. You’ve probably already heard of the famous OG Kush, this legendary variety that everyone in the hemp world knows. Although it is very popular, nobody really knows its genetic origin. According to the opinion of experienced hemp growers, OG Kush is said to be the result of a cross between Lemon Thai, ChemDawg and Pakistani Kush.

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L’OG doit son succès international à son goût unique, caractérisée par des notes caractérielles de pin et de citron. Ses arômes intenses sont généralement très appréciés par la plupart des consommateurs de chanvre.

Vous pouvez déguster cette résine sous la forme de tisane, dans vos plats, ou encore l’inhaler par le biais d’un vaporisateur. Dans tous les cas, vous serez agréablement surpris par sa fraîcheur et par son côté boisé totalement irrésistible.

Le goût et l’odeur de la résine de CBD OG Kush

Intended for vaporization and aromatherapy.

CBD hemp drought Uncle Joints Trim Lemon Haze variety.

Hand-picked, it contains carefully selected female Cannabis Sativa L. inflorescences.

Dry CBD Uncle Joints Trim Lemon Haze to 10% CBD 1g

CBD Uncle Joints are obtained only from female Cannabis Sativa L. inflorescences.

CBD content: up to 10%

It comes from organic farming, no pesticides, artificial fertilizers or other plant protection products were used in its production.

Has no psychoactive effects (THC> 0.2%).