cbd and buspirone reddit

Cbd and buspirone reddit

What delivery are they using? I’m not familiar with options – liquid oil? Capsule?

Are we trying to increase post synaptic 5HT1A activity for treatment of anxiety?

There are pre and post synaptic 5HT1A receptors.

According to this SSRI's cause an increased amount of serotonin. Over time, the increased amount of serotonin down regulates pre-synaptic 5HT1A receptors. Pre-synpatic 5HT1A activation is inhibitory to post synaptic release. This source doesn't specify anything about SSRI's and post synaptic/effects regulation. Nevertheless, SSRI's are also indicated for anxiety, and cause more serotonin.

Some of this serotonin diffuses back toward the original releasing neuron and stimulates a presynpatic 5HT1a receptor. This leads to a signaling cascade inside the neuron prevents further release of serotonin.

I've found CBD could be a partial agonist on 5HT1A and CBD1 receptors (search the doi 10.1007/s00213-008-1168-x in pub med and the study should pop up). So I started looking into 5HT1A's role in anxiety, and have confused myself.

But peoppe keep loving it and raving so I figured I'd look into it more. I still am skeptical, but finding potential mechanisms to back claims makes me a little less reserved about it. I still would like to see studies. but at least I understand a bit more about it now.

Cbd and buspirone reddit

Does anybody take both? About to start Buspirone and I use CBD/Cannabis to help with the extra anxiety. Has anyone had any bad reactions/success stories?

Don't over take the cbd, it is a potent CYP450 inhibitor in which can increase your risk of adverse effects, expecially on meds that use that enzyme to breakdown and metabolism in your body! You should be ok as long as you don't overdo it, but this is a effects that I have to tell consumers who don't know about it, still alot of workers don't know

I used to think that it was bad to mix with meds due to the cytochrome P450 interaction (like a few people here are saying) but I’ve since found plenty of anecdotes from people that combine CBD with medications. There is some risk of increased side effects/adverse reactions but for the most part it seems to be fine. I’d imagine the only time it really becomes an issue is if you’re taking the maximum or near-max dose of whatever meds you take (because CBD raises levels of meds in the blood).