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“These results suggest that NT-VRL with or without CBD could be useful as a preventative measure against coronaviruses,” the researchers wrote. “As the lungs are the organs most affected by COVID-19, preventative treatment directly to the lungs, possibly via inhalation, would be the ideal administration route for this potential therapeutic solution.”

The authors of the study note that while the distribution of vaccines to prevent Covid-19 has begun, the timeline for vaccination on a global scale is yet to be determined. And even when widespread access to the vaccines is achieved, there will always be individuals for whom inoculation is not recommended, making preventative measures and new treatments highly beneficial.

“It’d be great if we could just sort of smoke our way out of a coronavirus, but I don’t think that this study shows that,” Marcu says, adding that further research, including into the mechanism at work and the formulation’s effect on other factors such as viral load in living organisms, is warranted.

The Feds Are Coming For Delta-8 THC

Terpenes, volatile organic compounds found in many plants including cannabis, have been shown to . [+] have antiviral properties in many scientific studies.

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Does Cannabis Use Provide Protection Against Coronavirus?

Additional research was conducted by Eybna and pre-clinical contract research organization Pharmaseed to evaluate the antiviral properties of NT-VRL with and without CBD against the human coronavirus strain HCoV-229E. Although not the strain of coronavirus that causes Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2), the less virulent HCoV-229E is associated with various respiratory illnesses ranging from the common cold to severe pneumonia and is considered a good alternative for preliminary research.

Terpenes have shown the potential to treat a wide variety of viral infections in many in vitro studies, and research released by Eybna last year found that NT-VRL combined with cannabidiol (CBD) showed promise as a treatment for the severe inflammatory response seen in many Covid-19 patients known as a cytokine storm.

Cbd anti viral

Of the “strong cannabis strains” that showed positive benefits against Covid-19, there are most likely patterns of CBD content and terpene presence that the researchers have discovered. While the researchers haven’t provided us details of the strains that did show positive results, one may conclude that they were CBD strains high in terpenes found to be effective against the SARS virus back in 2008, since the viruses are structurally similar.

Fairly new technologies such as specialized antiviral UV-C lighting may become a frequent sight in a post pandemic world. The devices can kill viruses with a single beam of light

The studies hope to provide treatment for viral infections by modulating ‘Cytokine Storms’. Many COVID-19 cases have been linked to Cytokine Storm Syndrome where the immune system goes into overdrive, releasing too many cytokines, which are proteins important in cell signaling, all at once. This causes an attack on healthy lungs and can cause massive organ failure.


Many different kinds of medical vaccinations for COVID-19 are in progress, some of which include cannabis based active ingredients. Researchers in Israel have already begun studying a CBD based medication paired with a steroid. CBD is being used due to its ability to reduce the body’s inflammatory response. In theory, CBD could reduce some of the symptoms of COVID-19 and allow the body to heal more quickly if inflammation is held in check.

While it is exciting that cannabis is being discussed as a potential coronavirus treatment, additional research needs to be conducted to validate it’s effects. If proven, we will undoubtedly see an explosion in novel cannabis products designed to fight COVID-19.

That’s all very interesting, but what if there was a link between cannabis use and cigarette smokers?

Medical Innovation during a Pandemic

The novel formulation is designed to be consumed by direct inhalation.

If this study does end up being accurate it could be a major win for the cannabis industry, but also for society as a whole. Many of the CBD products already available at natural food stores may work as moderately effective CoronaVirus medications, however not all of them. The CBD product will have to contain terpenes that have antiviral properties or they may not do much.