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QBD is Australia’s preferred bookstore with millions of titles available across all genres. From Fiction to Finance, Crime to Cooking, you’ll be sure to find a title that satisfies your reading needs. Our extensive range includes fantastic discounts on best selling, new release and future release titles.

QBD has built a loyal following of voracious readers who appreciate our commitment to customer service as well as providing one of the best loyalty programs in the industry. Our online store is backed by a growing network of over seventy retail outlets, which means that our buying power allows us to pass the savings directly our readers.

Cbd bookstore

The flailing Christian bookstore industry reached code red status earlier this year when Family Christian Stores, touted as “the world’s largest retailer of Christian-themed merchandise,” declared it would shutter all of its 240 stores across America and lay off 3,000 employees. The 85-year-old chain said that “changing consumer behavior and declining sales” left it no choice.

Christian bookstores may well be destined for the history books

Religious chains faced even more harrowing circumstances than their larger secular cousins. In addition to the transformation of media, the American religious landscape was shifting rapidly. According to Gallup, church attendance and religiosity declined during the ’90s and early 2000s. Americans identifying as non-religious rose during this period. As younger Christians came of age, they found themselves less interested in the American Christian subculture and its institutions. Demand for religious books fell, and the once healthy Christian marketplace hemorrhaged.

Back in the 1990s, it often seemed that every city and town in America had a strip mall with a Christian bookstore where you could purchase WWJD bracelets and enough devotional books to fill up the Ark of the Covenant. But today, these Christian bookstores are a dying breed. Indeed, it seems we are fast approaching an America where this particular brand of religious retailer will be no more than a memory.

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Cbd bookstore

Our second floor is known as The Mississippi Loft for its focus on Mississippi authors and subjects.

Pass Christian Books advances the ideal of reading and books as central to the intellectual life of a community. Co-located with Cat Island Coffeehouse, our two story building and deck overlooking the Gulf of Mexico is an inviting and stimulating spot to browse books, relax, converse, and meet friends.

We have organized and hosted over one hundred and fifty author and book events, and continue to do so either independently or in conjunction with other organizations. READ MORE