cbd breath strips

Cbd breath strips

I know, I know. Everyone is going crazy for CBD these days. I suspect this is because living on this flaming fireball of a planet is rough, and, between scrolling through breaking news updates and trying to make it to yoga on time, we're constantly searching for ways to chill the F out. I keep several CBD oils at my desk to mitigate the stress of deadlines and to-do lists, but those little (and expensive!) glass bottles don’t bode well for chilling out when you're, say, trapped on the subway or in traffic or waiting in line at Trader Joe's.

That's where Kin Slips come in. The sublingual strips provide a precise dose of CBD without you having to fiddle with a dropper, and they come in a palm-sized pack that’s easy to shove into an overcrowded purse or jacket pocket. Their CBD blend, cutely named "Park Life," has 10 mg CBD and 1mg THC per strip, along with terpenes like Beta caryophyllene, limonene, and linalool. And no, that 1mg of THC won't get you high. It's there to boost CBD's potency through something known as the "entourage effect," which uses the whole cannabis plant (including small amounts of THC) to purportedly improve the effectiveness of CBD.

I was an unenthusiastic Girl Scout, but I’ve always found a great deal of joy in feeling prepared for the unexpected. The ability to make any situation a little more comfortable is, well, comforting, especially now that I’m armed with a new tool: dissolvable CBD strips.

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Fresh breath combined with discrete and convenient delivery of your daily dose of CBD, sign me up! Enjoy our TruNano Labs 15mg CBD Sublingual Breath Strips on the go, at work, or anytime to give your breath & mind some fresh air. Grab a 7-pack or save and get four 7-packs for the price of three.