cbd bus depot

Cbd bus depot

Council is committed to the safety of all passengers while travelling on the bus network. To ensure a safe and comfortable journey, follow some simple safety tips. This section includes advice on bus evacuation in an emergency.

Council’s low-floor buses allow easy access for all passengers. Find out about low-floor bus features, as well as the Bus Stop Accessibility Improvement Program and the visually impaired passenger telephone service.

The free City Loop and Spring Hill Loop bus services provide high frequency public transport access within the Brisbane Central Business District (CBD). Services also run between the CBD and Spring Hill areas.

Bus safety

The CityGlider buses provide fast transport from West End to Teneriffe and from Ashgrove to Stones Corner, with regular services during peak and off-peak times.

Bruce the Brissie Bus is an Active School Travel initiative, designed to encourage young people to appreciate the use of public transport as a means of getting to school.

Council’s bus depots ensure efficient operation of its bus fleet and include on-site maintenance, cleaning and refuelling, scheduling and rostering and driver amenities.

Bus charters

Restrictions are in place for the Brisbane Local Government Area. Find out more

Hire a Council bus for your special occasion.

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