cbd candy reddit

Cbd candy reddit

By the time I sat down the pain was COMPLETELY gone! I was like WTF no fuckin' way. So I went back to the vape shop and said "I don't care what it costs, gimme dat!"

I had really bad neck pain for weeks. Tried everything, nothing was cutting through it. And it was my mouse arm too – I have to work with that! Fellow owns a vape shop down the street from my work, he tells me to try a CBD lotion he sells.

Next day a friend was complaining about a pinched nerve in his neck. I told him about the lotion I had and although he was very skeptical, I kinda forced him to try it. In less than a minute he starts laughing and moving his neck around going "Well, I'll be damned"

My immediate thoughts were, I don't want to spend a lot of money on something that doesn't work. He says he has a sample bottle, and puts a dab on my fingers. I rubbed it in and said "Yah, thanks. I'll let you know if it works." and went back to work.

At least I know it wasn't my imagination. That stuff actually works.

Cbd candy reddit

The gummy was labeled as full spectrum, 0.03% THC, 25mg per gummy and I’ve taken probably 9 or 10 before with no problems. I’m wondering if the company also makes regular THC edibles and somehow they packed one of the wrong ones in the bag I got? There were 6, I ate 4 (once every 1-2 days) and the 5th one really messed me up. I’m scared to take the last one lol

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Hi, new here but I had a bizarre experience last night. I’ve been using CBD (both in vape and gummy form) more or less daily for a few weeks, but until last night all I noticed was a mild calming effect. Last night I took another of the same gummies I’ve been using but this time it got me stoned off my butt. I’ve seriously been less high from THC. So i panicked too because I didn’t understand why I was getting so high because in my mind the most I would experience was possibly a mild calm buzz, but I went pale and had a panic attack because I was so freaked out and then I had to call out of work this morning because I felt so out of sorts still.

Has anyone had an experience like this before? Not sure if I should see a doctor or something or if this was just a manufacturers mistake