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Objectively speaking, Secret Nature is the world’s top CBD cartridge manufacturer. Secret Nature cartridges contain full-spectrum extract derived from indoor-grown, pedigreed plants accompanied by genuine, cannabis-derived live resin terpenes. As 10,000+ customer reviews demonstrate, Secret Nature is the dominant force in the CBD vape market.

Are refillable vs. disposable CBD vape cartridges better? Getting a CBD cartridge refill isn’t recommended. Cartridges that have been refilled usually leak, which causes wasteful messes. It’s best to purchase a new Secret Nature vape cartridge whenever it comes time for a replacement.

Before you buy a CBD cartridge online, it’s important to get a good grasp of the value you’ll gain from your purchase. On average, each Secret Nature vape cartridge provides around 100 hits. The number of hits you’ll get will fluctuate somewhat depending on how much delicious, organic CBD vapor you inhale at a time and how often you indulge.

Our new Super 8 vape cartridge contains pure, high-potency delta 8 combined with live resin OG Kush, Gorilla Glue, Mimosa, or Wedding Cake terpenes. Available in a super-sized 1200mg cartridge, this is the cleanest, most delicious, and most reviewed delta 8 cart on the internet.

• Who makes the best CBD cartridges?

If there’s anything we missed so far, you’ll find it below:

A perennial favorite, this CBD version of Lemon Diesel tastes just like the legendary cannabis strain⁠ — but without the high. Just like our other extracts, Secret Nature Lemon Diesel only contains 100% pure hemp extract with no additives, cutting agents, or artificial ingredients.

Our cartridges are infinitely more flavorful than anything the competition has to offer because they contain live resin terpenes . Live resin extract captures the full splendor of terpenes in their prime.

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• How long does a CBD cartridge last?

Secret Nature CBD vape cartridges contain nothing but raw hemp nectar combined with organic cannabis terpenes. We’ve calibrated each cartridge to deliver either 700mg or 1200mg of CBD, and the result is a cloud-blowing experience as pristinely pure as it is sublimely satisfying.

Secret Nature vape cartridges and rechargeable batteries have become the stuff of legend as countless customers leave product reviews or sing our praises on social media. Our cartridges:

Cbd cartridge review

The end product ends up being concentrated and pure, with little opportunity for contaminants. If you’re trying to decide which vape cartridges to buy, go for the one made using CO2 extraction.

The other option is CBD isolate, which is basically just CBD without any other cannabinoids.

That can add up quickly, however, and you may opt for a lesser concentration. It depends on your tolerance and use.


Full-spectrum CBD vape oil contains cannabinoids and other compounds called terpenes. The terpenes are what naturally flavor CBD, so the vape oil could have the same flavoring as the strain it’s derived from.

Preliminary studies seem to indicate CBD has many potential benefits. There is also overwhelming anecdotal evidence that it can help in many ways.

How to use a vape cartridge?

Most Environmentally Friendly

Buying online may be the best way to go, but it’s not the only one. It may also not always be possible. Without the chance to read reviews or check reports, it might seem tough to sort out the high-quality CBD cartridges from stuff you should avoid.

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