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The Reader’s Digest Guide to CBD will answer all of these questions and much more, including both first-person anecdotes of real people’s experiences with CBD and straightforward reporting about what studies have actually been done and what they show.

CBD has splashed across the nation’s headlines, taken the country by storm, and has everyone from Coca-Cola to Starbucks considering adding this new “miracle supplement” to their drinks. But the FDA has only approved it for use in treating epilepsy in children.

What is CBD, anyway? What’s the difference between CBD, THC, cannabis, hemp, and marijuana? Can CBD help me lose weight? How much CBD do I need to take to help my condition? What do I look for when buying CBD? Is it better to take CBD oil or gummies or what?

Written in part by the experts at Project CBD, the book will separate fact from fiction, hype from reality.

Cbd com free ebooks

Get your hands dirty with the information that matters. Here is the reason why we’re so excited to harness the body’s internal Endocannabinoid System to promote healing from the inside out. The receptors within our system can be categorized below;

CB2 Body – Mast Cells—Inflammation, GI Tract—Inflammation, Spleen—Immune Response, B Cells, Macrophages, Thymus, Tonsils, Monocytes, Bone Marrow—All Immune Response

There is so much to learn and so little time! However, when you use full spectrum hemp extract, your Endocannabinoid System is flooded with the building blocks of health as it helps manage the tone of all other systems in the body. Unfortunately, there currently isn’t a test to know how much or little your need to optimize your levels, but we’ll keep watching and listening to our body’s feedback!

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Many of you have heard the new “buzz” about CBD and different Cannabinoids. The truth is that there are over 100 Cannabinoids like CBD that have been around for decades. The CBD industry is finding its way into thousands of homes and helping many people and pets on a daily basis. CBD is the non-psychoactive compound found in hemp and has helped many people with everything from inflammation to the common cold.

We have partnered with CBD writers and researchers to provide you with an introductory information guide book on CBD to help you understand what CBD and Cannabinoids are along with what some of the benefits are from taking them. This information guide covers the myths of hemp versus marijuana and which compounds contain psychoactive components and which do not. Please enjoy your CBD information guide and share with others. For more information, feel free to contact us.