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With only 4 years left for the timeline of the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011 – 2020 to be completed, the CBD COP13 focused on mainstreaming the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity for well-being in sectoral and cross-sectoral plans, programs and policies.

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News from Cancun

After the successful World Conservation Congress in Hawai’i, IUCN put forward in Cancun the recently adopted IUCN Prgramme 2017 – 2020, 112 Resolutions and Recommendations related to the most pressing conservation challenges, and the uplifting message contained in the Hawai’i Commitments.

Supporting implementation of Aichi Target 12

From Hawai’i to Cancun

Outcomes of the IUCN World Conservation Congress: Contributions to the agenda of CBD COP13

Governments have committed themselves explicitly, or reaffirmed, their reforms in the field of agriculture, fisheries, forestry and tourism in terms of biodiversity, including the elimination of harmful subsidies. This is certainly important for the next agricultural reform in Europe, for example. The focus of the COP was on the above mentioned sectors.

At COP 13, decisions have been taken on a wide range of topics, from synthetic biology to protected areas, the resolution of marine issues to access-and-benefit sharing. In a central press release of the CBD they are summarized.

CBD Business and Biodiversity Pledge

The assessment on pollinators and pollination of the new World Biodiversity Council IPBES was also acknowledged and the results were adopted by the parties to the CBD, thus gaining first effectiveness in politics.

With app. 250 participants, the two-day business forum saw more participants than ever before and several of our member companies were among the speakers of the event (Aleph Inc, Faber-Castell Brazil, Saraya Co. Ltd, Weleda, Volkswagen Mexico). The two-day conference took place in parallel to the ministerial high-level segment of the CBD-COP 13.

‘Biodiversity in Good Company’ at the world biodiversity conference 2016 in Mexico

In the run-up to CBD-COP 13 CBD Executive Secretary Braulio Ferreira de Souza Dias together with the Government of Mexico called upon businesses worldwide to sign a two-page”Business and Biodiversity Pledge”. Many of the ‘Biodiversity in Good Company’ members are among the signatories. The pledge can be accessed under https://www.cbd.int/business/pledges.shtml and is open to further members of the private sector to join.

Cbd cop 13 mexico

Trends in global urbanization, implications for biodiversity and ecosystem services, projected climate change impacts and the CBD agenda.

Session descriptions: day 2

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Session 6C: Cities and regions for Agriculture and Fisheries (17:00 – 18:30)

In the 21 st Century Governance of our biodiversity assets calls for new mechanisms of cooperation between all levels of government which need to challenge traditional distinctions between local, regional and national boundaries. The Strategic Plan for Biodiversity is fundamentally relevant to these local and subnational actors and its implementation can only be enabled through vertical and horizontal integration of biodiversity across sectors within and between all governance levels.