cbd cream recipe

Cbd cream recipe

[Disclaimer: The US Food and Drug Administration FDA has only recently begun to regulate this area. Before beginning to use a new product, check with your doctor, dermatologist, or another healthcare provider first.]

However, with that heavier, slightly more balm-like feeling, body butter has a more substantial texture than lotion. It doesn’t add that initial boost of moisture from water content; instead, it forms a protective barrier and seals in what is already there. Body butter is ideal for people with dry skin generally, who live in arid, desert weather, who work outside, or who are fed up with dry patches on the hands, feet, elbows, knees, and legs.

Some CBD body butters also use CBD hemp oil that is rich in hemp terpenes and helps the skin revitalize and maintain a youthful glow. CBD is itself an antioxidant, so these kinds of CBD body butters are potentially very nourishing to the skin.

The Bottom Line: Body Butter vs Body Lotion

Value. With body butter, a little goes a long way, even if you have really dry skin. This is why it can ease up the pressure on your budget. And if you’re trying to administer CBD via a topical, it’s an awesome thick alternative that doesn’t get wasted.

Avoid adding alpha-hydroxy acid, retinoids, and artificial fragrances to CBD body butter because they can irritate your skin.

Remove makeup. A tiny bit of body butter on a cotton pad, like other oily makeup removers, works to dissolve the day’s makeup right away. It even removes waterproof mascara—just don’t get body butter in your eye and use only a small amount. Wash your face when you’re done with a facial cleanser.

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Timing: After Shower and Overnight

Body butter is an extra-thick skin moisturizer, usually found in jars or tins that are flatter and wider so you can easily access the amount you want more easily. Typically body butter gets its thick consistency from organic vegetable-based oils and butters such as nourishing coconut oil or shea butter. These ingredients are important beyond their smooth, rich consistency, though; they are a must for any body butter due to their moisturizing and hydrating properties.

Add in liquid oils, magnesium oil, and essential oils of your choosing.

Cbd cream recipe

If you’ve ever been a bit confused in the cosmetics aisle, and you’re not sure what a salve is, how it’s different from a lotion or a cream, or if body butter can be spread on toast, you aren’t alone. A salve is simply a combination of oils and melted beeswax and does not contain water. The beeswax provides the thick consistency that people seek out in salves, and helps boost the shelf life. For that reason, they are often applied onto wet skin.

What are cannabis topicals?

From making music and movies better to easing pain and inflammation, the health and wellness benefits of cannabis are truly impressive. But alongside the joints, gummies, blunts, and concentrates, countless consumers are also turning to cannabis in the form of salves and creams that can be applied directly to the skin to treat a variety of ailments.

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Cannabis salves and balms don’t enter the bloodstream and cannot get you high. In fact, that’s one of the reasons some people are more likely to try topicals — they want certain therapeutic benefits of cannabis but don’t want to get high.

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