cbd crumble

HighKind CBD Crumble is perfect for flavour chasers that are looking for bold tastes and potent CBD content from their extracts. We use sophisticated processes to create small handcrafted batches to ensure a premium quality product that delivers strong flavours and palpable effects.

Each extract is created with terpene blends that give off a world of aromas, ranging from fresh pine to sweet tangerine. Our CBD Crumble is ideal for users that want an authentic cannabis dabbing experience.

Cbd crumble

Don’t miss out, get your hands on this fantastic CBD & CBG Crumble! In its original state it’s a staggering 99.9% pure before being infused with 5% terpenes. This makes it a premium crumble that’s got a purity of 85% CBD & 10% CBG, so order yours today!


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Wide range of flavours

As a crumble, it has a range of uses depending on your needs; dab it, add it to e-liquids, vape direct.

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Terpene infused PURE CBD & CBG Crumble, retail quality