cbd dip pouches

Cbd dip pouches

We utilize only the finest natural ingredients producing our custom-crafted CBD dip pouches. From the hemp, we start with, to the natural flavors added. There is no harmful filler, only great taste and the purest CBD available.

CBD Dip Pouches

Great Profit Margins

Four Great Flavors To Choose From

CBD dip pouches present optimal delivery, great taste, and a satisfying new product for the CBD market.

Canndid is a CBD brand known for its high-quality products that offer retailers high margins, including CBD pouches, CBD tea, CBD tinctures, etc. The products are certified by experts and offer a higher value for money than what competitors’ CBD products do.

London, UK, Jan. 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — According to announcements released by Canndid and David Hughes, CBD pouches by this business have twice the amount of CBD and 33% more pouches compared to what the main competitor offers – 20mg vs. 10mg. The business markets this high-margin product range through its UK and EU offices. Shops in the UK and Europe can obtain these pouches, CBD teas, and CBD edibles from Canndid at attractive CBD wholesale UK distributor prices. The business has submitted its UK novel foods application.

CBD pouches by Canndid are a discreet and tasty alternative to CBD capsules and CBD gummies. These pouches are not chewed, and there's no way one can know that someone has these delectable goodies; they can easily be consumed even on the go. CBD pouches are already becoming a favorite with the connoisseurs, and it's a matter of time before casual and medical use of CBD pouches catches on in the UK.