cbd dogs sleep

Cbd dogs sleep

cbdMD is an established CBD brand that delivers a pure and powerful CBD oil product for pets. Unlike some other CBD brands that give you exactly one option of CBD mg no matter what size your dog is, cbdMD delivers their CBD Oil Tincture for Dogs in no less than five (!) different CBD strengths, so that you can dial in your dog’s CBD dosage without all the guesswork.

Like humans and other vertebrate animals, dogs have a cell-signaling system called the endocannabinoid system . The body’s own endocannabinoids send signals to receptors in the various organs and systems of the body, most notably the central and peripheral nervous systems, to help them maintain homeostasis (balance). This interaction helps to regulate such crucial functions as stress relief, sleep, pain management, mood, memory, appetite, motor control, and much more.

4. Charlotte’s Web CBD Pet Tincture (Best Full Spectrum CBD Oil for Dogs)

In a perfect world, price wouldn’t be an issue for something you put in your dog’s body. You want your dog to have the very best in terms of quality and effectiveness. Fortunately, there are some quality CBD brands that provide excellent CBD products for dogs at an affordable price. We find that all of the brands listed here give you a great deal of bang for your CBD buck.

Penelope’s Bloom takes advantage of several natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatories to make a treat that’s great for heart health and immunity. Their CBD Pet Edible Heart + Immunity Treats deliver full spectrum CBD, plus antioxidants and amino acids, such as green tea extract, blueberries, omega-3, and L-carnitine. The resulting dog biscuit is an effective supplement for maintaining healthy heart function and immune support.

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5. King Kalm Pet Topical Soothe Spray for Pets (Best CBD Topical Spray for Dogs)

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Cbd dogs sleep

Don’t believe us, try the Peanut Butter 3 mg CBD or the Asian Carp 3 mg CBD dog treat to reduce your dog’s anxiety.

If this is your furry friend’s first time using CBD, then it’s best to start with a low dose. Every dog reacts differently to the product; some may experience the therapeutic effects, while others are not that fortunate.

CBD can bind to the brain’s receptor to release neurochemical hormones to help the dog relax. Pet parents have found that CBD products can reduce the dog’s anxiety, especially in unfamiliar places, thunderstorms, and separation issues.


CBD offers both medicinal and therapeutic purposes for both pets and humans. It is 1 of the 104 chemical compounds found in cannabis that does not cause the “high effect” that marijuana does , so it will not lead to abuse or dependency. The World Health Organization even considers CBD to be a safe substance.

It’s funny, but pets can also suffer from anxiety like humans. They can stay up late, staring at the ceiling for hours trying to fall asleep.

How to Purchase CBD Products for My Dog

Fortunately, Dope Dog offers quality treats, oil, and shampoo to alleviate anxiety or any medical condition that can prevent your dog from sleeping soundly at night.

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