cbd dosage reddit

Cbd dosage reddit

Just looking for some advice. I started using CBD last week and I’m just really stuck on the dosage. Could really use some input!

The recommended dosage is 1 – 2 mL every 4-6 hours. I started with 1 mL before bed 3 nights last week. I can’t say if it worked or not because I was pretty calm when I took it anyway. But I did sleep well.

All of this said, since I’ve only used it 4 nights ever, I’m not sure if it’s even having an effect on me yet.

Cbd dosage reddit

tldr; apparently cbd doses for anxiety for example is 300-600mg. Using 450mg as a figure and considering general prices of cbd oil and [medical] flower this works out to $25 a day for flower and as oral bioavailability is about a third of inhaled, oil would cost $135mg as bottles of 300mg tend to be around $30. I have to be missing something here.

20% thc flower [once] day which until my tolerance kind of plateaued, (I then cut down significantly because even at once a day I confirmed it was fucking up my vision badly via cb1 downregulation) but anyway using the same figure.

Now it seems a BOTTLE of 300mg cbd oil averages around $30 so for 450mg that's $45. But wait! Oral bioavailability is around the third of inhaled so (oral lasting significantly longer aside) now we're talking $135

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