cbd for cats with kidney disease

Cbd for cats with kidney disease

Giving CBD oil helps reduce your cat’s kidney pain. It stimulates the receptors controlling pain, and when these are activated, they prompt the cells to reduce their release of pain-generating chemicals.

Similar to the human ECS, the cat’s ECS is also made up of three components.

Decrease in Low-Grade Inflammation Within the Body

As a responsible owner, always choose a quality CBD product for your cat. Make sure its CBD came from organic hemp, and that the product underwent laboratory testing.

There’s no approved recommended daily intake (RDI) for pet CBD oil yet, but experts recommend giving cats 1 mg (low dose for mild symptoms), 3 mg (medium dose for moderate symptoms), and 5 mg (high dose for severe symptoms) of CBD per 10 pounds of body weight.

Cannabinoid Receptors

Damaged kidney cells release pro-inflammatory chemicals. These chemicals attract more immune cells to the injured site, causing low-grade inflammation of the kidneys. The longer the kidneys are in a state of chronic inflammation, the more damage it can cause the organ. Not only can low-grade inflammation cause more symptoms, but it can also speed up disease progression.

Cbd for cats with kidney disease

As of the time of writing this, these are the only CBD cat treats on the market, and they’re very popular.

Well, what if I told you that CBD could help?

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Using CBD, however, her owners were able to help Kitty recover her appetite and get her health back up again.

Are Other Senior Cats Using CBD Successfully?

Studies show, for example, that the ECS can help manage inflammation, pain, nausea and appetite, digestive health, and much more.

In 2012, for example, a study from the British Journal of Pharmacology showed that CBD helped reduce nausea in rats.

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But homeostasis is really just a term to describe the proper balance in the body.

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Alternatively, another great CBD brand for cat owners is Canna-Pet.

There are countless CBD pet brands out there.

Cbd for cats with kidney disease

Given kidneys are crucial in the production of red blood cells, their inability to perform this function might result in anemia. Because of the high levels of acids in the blood, felines are also at risk of experiencing acidosis.

Moreover, the causes of kidney disease in felines are numerous, often involving contact with a poisonous substance. Whenever cats get in contact with poisonous household plants, certain medications like aspirin, or antifreeze, there are high chances of developing acute renal failure. Read here about some common plants poisonous to cats.

The former happens all of a sudden, in the course of several days, during which renal function is suddenly lost. Acute renal failure is mainly triggered by an infection or poisoning, resulting in reversible or permanent damage.

Has your feline lost weight all of sudden? Does it refuse to even smell the food in its bowl? Given the fondness of cats for food, it’s rather surprising if your companion has a poor appetite. A lack of appetite, accompanied by weight loss, vomiting, and overall weakness might be an indicator of kidney disease.

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In addition, certain infections might lead to acute renal failure by causing severe inflammation to these organs. Also, kidney stones are a common culprit, causing blockages either in the ureter or the kidneys. Ureter blockages are particularly dangerous due to the inability of the urine to pass freely. Unless treated on time, these organs can swell to a point of causing death.

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Furthermore, these creatures also experience an increase in thirst and urination. Due to the accumulation of toxins in their blood, felines are subjected to nausea and vomiting. The omnipresent feeling of nausea makes cats exhausted and incredibly lethargic. Also, pet parents may notice halitosis (bad breath) when coming near their companions.

Kidney disease is common in felines, affecting almost thirty percent of middle-aged and senior cats. It refers to the improper function or the failure of these organs, which happens either suddenly or progressively. Your beloved cat might suffer from two forms of kidney disease; acute renal failure or chronic kidney failure.

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The signs of kidney disease in felines are usually mild, which makes it challenging for pet parents to notice them. The majority of symptoms are induced because of the increased amount of toxins in the blood or the struggles of the body to get used to the presence of the disease. Most felines suffering from renal failure experience weight loss and poor appetite.

Kidney disease in cats is usually treated with medications and changes in the diet of pets, in some cases even surgeries. Nevertheless, in the event of CKD, there’s no cure for the condition. Hence, the focus of the treatment is placed on alleviating the symptoms and improving the everyday life of cats.