cbd in japan

Cbd in japan

Beyond Japan, Kotomori is eyeing exports to China and South Korea. ©Kotomori

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One in five Japanese also reported poor sleep quality. A lack of enough sleep and good quality sleep can be destructive to mental and physical health.

The company launches the jelly this month in Japan. Each 20g serving contains 50mg of CBD, sourced from Colorado, US.

Cbd in japan

Still, the report’s primary focus was battling marijuana’s spread, including making it a crime to use it. Under the current legal regime, it said, people “are likely receiving the message that ‘using marijuana is OK.’”

Still, many CBD entrepreneurs have tried to dissociate their product from marijuana, avoiding — for example — packaging that features its distinctive, spiky leaves.

The strategy is inspired by the United States, where news reports about CBD’s efficacy in treating certain types of pediatric epilepsy helped to change people’s minds about cannabis in general and led to widespread legal changes, said Naoko Miki, a co-founder of Green Zone Japan, a nonprofit campaigning for the legalization of marijuana.

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Society can be unforgiving. “In Japan, people are much more likely to question someone who breaks a rule than question the rule itself,” she said.

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“At this point, saying, hey, let’s legalize marijuana, I wouldn’t do that,” said Priyanka Yoshikawa, a former beauty queen who has launched a line of CBD-infused skin products. “I’m in the CBD market. I’m not doing it as any kind of activism.”

Recent marijuana crackdowns have raised concerns about government overreach.