cbd jam review

Cbd jam review

Indoors, this strain does well; it likes to feed and it needs quite a lot of root space to grow proper branches. They’ll need to be trained or stringed, as the weight of the buds can sometimes prove to be too much for the branches. It deals well with heat and humidity, so you’ll have a pretty simple grow on your hands. You can get around 500g with 10 plants per square meter; the buds will have an amazing amount of resin and Cannabidiol. Use Grotek Mega Pack for best results.

Outdoors, these plants will need a lot of sunlight to properly grow the buds, which are extremely pungent thanks to its Marmalate genes, which comes from a Critical Mass. A month after germination, it will be a beautiful green color, almost like a perfect plastic plant. It needs nutrients, but take care as towards the last few weeks it can get slightly delicate. If you manage to keep it stable and happy, you can get up to 500g per plant, harvesting towards the beginning to middle of September.

CBD Jam by Delicious Seeds gives you the opportunity to grow a strain with high CBD levels, allowing you to enjoy this strain’s flavor without any heavy indica effects, which can be physically and mentally unproductive.

CBD Jam indoor grow

CBD Jam by Delicious Seeds is a version of our best Marmalate crossed with an amazing resinous Carmen that’s rich in Cannabidiol. It has a mainly fruity flavor, and the pungent smell from the flowers is similar to cured cheese.

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CBD Jam outdoor grow

This plant is exclusively medicinal thanks to its 1:2 THC/CBD ratio; it has a very soft psychoactive effect. This strain is perfect for day-to-day smoking, allowing you to go about your business without having any kind of psychedelic effect.

Cbd jam review

With ratios of 1:1 and up to 1:2, we'd like to present to you the CBD version of our Marmalate strain, which is, as you know, a cross between Critical Mass, a mainly Sativa looking strain with marked Indica characteristics, with an Indica looking plant with important Sativa traits – the famous Lavender – and which we've named CBD JAM (DS33).

CBD JAM (DS33) is a cross between Marmalate (DS25) with our own Carmen, which adds hints of sweet pineapple although the delicious taste and smell of the Marmalate still stand out. The main difference between Marmalate and CBD JAM (DS33) is in CBD production, which, for CBD JAM (DS33), can reach up to 13%.

Exclusively for medicinal use and with ratios of up to 1:2 THC:CBD, this plant has low levels of psychoactivity and is therefore suitable for daytime use as it will let you go about your daily business without any kind of psychodelic interference.