cbd jobs switzerland

· L’envie de réussir tout en étant sérieux

· Permis de conduire indispensable

Si vous avez ces qualités, nous sommes prêts à vous engager et à vous former !

Acquisition et prospection de nouveaux clients professionnels (kiosque, station-service, supermarché etc.) Rattaché à votre responsable de filiale, votre mission est d’assurer et de développer les ventes sur votre secteur, en respectant la politique commerciale de l’entreprise. Responsable de votre chiffre d´affaires, vous animez le réseau de distribution existant de votre secteur mais vous êtes également un véritable développeur d’affaires à la conquête de nouveaux clients.


Grâce à notre entreprise, vous aurez la chance de pourvoir vous développez dans un secteur en pleine expansion, en effet, le CBD est considéré comme le produit de l’année. Pour mener à bien cette mission, des formations régulières et des mesures d’appui individuel vous assisteront dans l’accomplissement de vos tâches quotidiennes.


Cbd jobs switzerland

What are some attributes that make your company special and/or unique?

“We have started Grünkraft in a small single-family house which was about to be renovated and could be use by us for the intervening time. We filled every room with plants and acquired all knowledge by self-education – from how to treat clones up to how to extract the oil. Today, we have to our knowledge the cleanest and most innovative indoor facility in the country. Due to the large demand of our products and the fast growth of the company, we were forced to optimize procedures wherever possible. As a result, my partners and I have acquired a wide range of knowledge in all aspects of the CBD agent. We are proud to say that even though our products show high quality and are exclusively made in Switzerland, we can produce and sell them in large amounts and for good prices. We are young, goal oriented, resilient and motivated to always find new ways and better solutions than before.”

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Starting in 2016, Switzerland approved cannabis flowers and products for tobacco cessation or as a tobacco substitute. The catch is that the THC content cannot go over 1%. Since then, over 600 companies have been licensed across the nation, producing a variety of high-CBD, low-THC cannabis concoctions. These companies are exporting all over the world and are poised to lead the burgeoning market once the Swiss government fully legalizes cannabis, something that should happen in the very near future.

“It’s actually the other way around from our perspective. Switzerland was first mover and turned into the CBD hub. The large experience and plenty of human capital is also something that distinguishes Switzerland as a force to be reckoned with. Switzerland has opened most EU CBD markets and triggered the movement with its higher threshold of THC in CBD plants and made a huge impact. Furthermore the strong innovation and R&D capacity in research and pharma will propel it even further.”

“Our cultivation techniques are certainly top-notch. We utilize Hybrid greenhouses for the combined action of sun and sodium lamps that gives advantage of the entire natural light spectrum for the development/optimal maturation of the terpenic profiles. Our facility is situated in close proximity to Lake Geneva. Excellence is guaranteed with a meticulous manufacturing process, highlighted by full plant air-cured drying and hand-trim to ensure only the highest quality flower makes it into our products.

Grünkraft, Tiano Thomas

“The acceptance and needs of society in respect to cannabis are constantly growing, a factor which is reinforced repeatedly by new findings which shed a positive light on the plant’s effects. Besides more jobs emerging due to this new branch of trade, society is starting to realize how well this often-demonized plant can aid when consumed in a regulated way. Even older generations nowadays seem to be curious about the effects of cannabis and have changed their attitude towards the plant.”The plant’s negative stigma, gained through its criminalization, has begun to crumble. Today, hemp is reaching the place in society it deserves, with the variety of ways it can be used for. Its potential has been rediscovered and the plant is gaining more and more value, not only for medical and recreational uses. Across Europe, consumers are developing stronger opinions on resourceful, conscious and organic products. In my opinion, it is only a matter of time until this trend takes over and people will start to be criticized for holding conservative notions towards the plant and fighting against the regulated use of cannabis.”

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What are some of the best reviews that you have gotten from customers?

“We strive to be the best partner for our customers. Loyal and straightforward. Furthermore our goal is to become the largest cannabis producer in Europe. Last but not least, Pure shall become the best cannabis genetic breeder in the world.”

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