cbd kauai

Cbd kauai

We believe in a medicine that feels & tastes pure. Organic full spectrum CBD oil synergistically blended with Wildcrafted/Organic herbs. Taste & feel the difference birthed in resonance with the Earth. From seed to bottle, with conscious creation.


We are partnered with reforestation projects around the globe to plant trees and nourish our ecosystems. Trees are planted with every order.


We will always source the finest ingredients possible. Providing a trusted source for all high vibrational Earth medicine.

Cbd kauai

CBD is known to have so many benefits, some of those benefits include:

The CBD Soother shot is here to keep you calm & give you an extra kick you need to boost your immune system. It has CBD (5mg), freshly squeezed carrot juice, ginger. What more could you ask for ?

First up – some #FRESHFACTS

Our CBD is free from THC. But what is THC?

What is CBD?