cbd latte

Cbd latte

This recipe is easily adapted. Add flavors if you want to – for some people it’s not a holiday drink without seasonal spices or a drop of mint extract. Top your latte with a swirl of whipped cream and a dusting of cinnamon for a festive, warming drink. This recipe is caffeine-free, but you can certainly stir in a cup of coffee for a more traditional caffeinated latte. Avoid the expensive, sickly sweet commercial lattes and try this mouth-watering alternative.

This treat can be enjoyed at any time (although you might want to omit any caffeine later in the day to avoid trouble sleeping). Whether you are taking a pause in a busy day, or you’re carving out some precious time to curl up with a good book, a CBD latte is the perfect soothing companion.

This is a beautiful time of year, but let’s be honest; it’s often a stressful time of year too. On one hand, there are celebrations, festive gift-giving with loved ones, and family get-togethers. On the other hand, parties can make people feel anxious, shopping for the perfect gifts gets expensive, and we can all appreciate the mixed blessing that is family.


You don’t have to let the stress of the season win! Give yourself the gift of peace by indulging in a CBD latte. One of the reasons CBD is so popular is because of the anti-anxiety effects people experience. Wrap your cold hands around a warm cup of self-care and let the stress slide away. Even better, share one with a friend, so you can enjoy both the company and a restorative treat.

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CBD Latte

Cbd latte

“For the most part, CBD is unregulated, it’s untested, and in a lot of cases, people don’t know what they’re getting. It’s always buyer beware: Go into it knowing that you’d want to see where that CBD came from.”

—Bryan Smith, spokesperson, Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board

“CBD is a very promising molecule for many ailments. But because of the legal status of anything involving cannabis, the research lags behind tremendously. There is FDA approval of CBD as a medicine for seizures. but would you add some anti-seizure medication to your coffee?”

—Beatriz Carlini, senior researcher, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Institute, University of Washington

“We made this wellness menu [but] the press zeroed in on the [CBD lattes]. and [King County] reached out and said it’s not on this list of approved additives released by the FDA. I’m not naive about why food additives make their way through the FDA process. I mean, does anybody think that saccharin is good for your body?”