cbd lotion for carpal tunnel

Cbd lotion for carpal tunnel

You might think of CBD as one of the “regulators” of body function, especially when it comes to pain.

CBD can be delivered to the body in many different forms such as edibles, lotions, tinctures, creams, and even skin patches. These methods get the highest concentration of CBD to the affected area. This is why proponents usually see good relief from sore muscles with topical CBD application.

What is pain, anyway?

Be aware that some manufacturers take shortcuts in the extraction process. The result is that it leaves some THC in the final CBD product. Makers of CBD oil are infamous for this sloppy process. However, even then, most of the THC is well below the levels that give you the "high". Note that an impure CBD product usually costs much less than a pure extract product.

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Everyone’s CBD experience is different 

CBD’s most widely known function is in pain management. This is because of CBD’s well-known anti-inflammatory effects.

Cbd lotion for carpal tunnel

Studies have acknowledged that CBD might possess anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties (7) .

Individuals suffering from CTS or other medical conditions must discuss their options with a licensed physician before using CBD .

CBD Dosage for Carpal Tunnel

Still, individuals with CTS must first consult and discuss treatment options with a medical professional before including CBD in their daily regimen.