cbd luxe be clear

Cbd luxe be clear

With a passion for innovation, CBD Luxe is taking the CBD community by storm. They are committed to maintaining rigorous pharmacological standards for an unmatched level of purity, quality, and efficacy. CBD Luxe specializes in micelle technology, a type of CBD Nano-cell that offers an amazingly targeted and rapid delivery method through inhalers.

CBD Luxe

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BE Labs, makers of CBD Luxe, understand that the good health and well-being of our families are the most important aspects of life. They combine diligent research, development, and intelligent minds with organic ingredients and convenient delivery systems.

Because you deserve only the best.

So many things to do. So many places to go. When life gets too crazy and hectic, sometimes you just have to BE. Introducing the first Ultra-Premium Pharma Grade CBD Disposable Vapor Pen Line designed for the discerning connoisseur, you. That weird fiberglass padding? Gone, and in its place, organic Japanese cotton. Every component designed with your health in mind. Inside, you will find only the best Pure Pharma Grade Organic Non GMO CBD and the highest quality Organic Non GMO ingredients. Your health is our top concern, that’s why we will never use PG, VG, or PEG in any of our line. No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. That’s our promise to you.



Organic CBD 200 MG

Organic Peppermint Oil .45 MG

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