cbd merchant services

Cbd merchant services

Processing CBD sales through PayPal is a huge risk. If they decide that you are too high risk for them, they have the right to, without warning, shut down your merchant account. The lack of warning provided to you means that you won’t have time to find another processor before they decide to shut you down. You’ll have to rely only on cash purchases until you’re able to find a processor that is willing to partner with high risk businesses.

Earning the trust of your business and satisfying your need for a credit card payment processor, just like the other CBD businesses, is our number one priority.

Experience with High Risk Businesses

An actual payment processor that has experience in high risk and CBD merchant processing and CBD payment processing in particular will be more beneficial to a CBD business looking to accept credit card payments.

Or, maybe this is more relatable to your business: Sales are going great, and you accept payment from both credit cards and cash. The business is growing and more customers are coming in each day.

Low Monthly Minimums

If you’re looking for an online CBD merchant account, you’ve come to the right place. Our staff is trained to get to the bottom of what will work best for you while keeping the fees low so you can grow your business.

Cbd merchant services

Choose from a range of gateways, including USAepay, Authorize.net and NMI.

Because of the legal gray areas around CBD products, finding a payment processor able to handle the complexities of this industry can be a challenge. Flex Payment Solutions understands the market and can provide the services you need to process payments and make your business a success.

Payment terminal solutions

Today, 33 states have legalized the use of medical marijuana, and 14 further states have allowed limited use of CBD. In 11 states recreational use of marijuana is now legal while a further 16 have decriminalized the drug. While marijuana is still not legal at a federal level, these increasing freedoms are propelling the acceptance of CBD.

Payment model options

Choose between hardware or virtual card terminals.