cbd microdosing

Cbd microdosing

Green Flower Media offers educational programs to the cannabis industry and Simon thinks businesses need to take a look at other compounds, especially THC, outside of the recreational applications. “The plant has so many interesting ingredients in it that are quite profound in their application.”

“ I think it’s great,” Simon says of CBD. “It’s just the being though, when it comes to cannabis.”

Max Simon is a vocal member of that group. Simon, founder of Green Flower Media, says that THC, the psychoactive compound in cannabis, can be taken in small amounts that do not induce a high but do make the therapeutic effects of CBD more substantial and sustainable.

Simon, who founded Green Flower Media after managing a product line for the Chopra Center for Well Being says that he discovered low-dose THC helped him control his attention deficit disorder— “THC has been literally life saving for me in small doses—a nd that a combination of THC and CBD could be especially effective for people suffering from anxiety, one of the most common disorders for which consumers seek relief from CBD. Anxiety was the highest ranked condition cited by consumers who purchased CBD in proprietary research by Nutrition Business Journal.

Many supplement companies are already beginning to examine and call out other compounds among the more than 100 cannabinoids discovered in cannabis.

Legal obstacles to obtaining THC have decreased remarkably as states have instituted either medical marijuana provisions or legalized recreational use, but Simon contends there is still a stigma. “People are so afraid of it,” he explains.

Ask most people about “microdosing” and you’ll get either a quizzical “huh?” or a conversation about LSD or psilocybin mushrooms, but among a group of cannabis enthusiasts you might hear about THC, and perhaps how ingesting it in small doses could be the secret to unlocking the true potential of the red-hot CBD market.

Cbd microdosing

But, if you’re someone who relies on CBD to keep stress levels in check or boost focus and productivity throughout your workday or training schedule, microdosing could be an ideal method for your needs.

“Dosing cannabis is unlike any therapeutic agent to which I was exposed in my medical training [. ] ultra-low doses can be extremely effective, sometimes even more so than the other extreme.”

CBD Microdosing for Mood

Microdosing is more than just effective—it’s practical, too, and can be harnessed through any number of CBD consumption methods.

Activation of your serotonin receptors stimulates those positive responses. While we can’t make any claims, CBD users report experiencing:

When Microdosing Works Best

Ultimately, the goal of microdosing is to feed your body a steady stream of plant cannabinoids so it can begin producing more inner cannabinoids over time.