cbd milford mall

Cbd milford mall

An inside look at Your CBD Store in New Milford.

Bethel’s Stu Kaufman said he has given CBD cookies to his daughter’s rescue dog, Sophie, to calm her.

“I’m feeling very happy about it,” Kabi Mickens said about the opening, adding the town’s been “very supportive.”

Cbd milford mall

That mall store has a large sign labeled “health benefits of CBD oil,” listing “fight cancer,” “anxiety relief,” anti-seizure,” “diabetes prevention,” “anti-acne” and five other claims.

It’s the first Connecticut location for a Florida-based company, Sunflora, selling the white-hot product under the SunMed brand with nearly 400 stores open or about to open in 31 states, all in the last couple of years.

Milford, home of two of the state’s 12 medicinal marijuana dispensaries, is fast becoming a CBD mecca as well. Not far away, at the Connecticut Post Mall, another CBD store — marked simply “CBD Oil” — opened recently. It’s more of a traditional store, with loaded shelves.

The result is both a hot trend and a confusing market. Retailers including vape stores, gas station convenience outlets and high-end grocers offer CBD oils, potions, creams, honey, tinctures and all manner of other forms of the stuff, with little or no regulation as to what’s actually in it.

Talking with Augustitus, Percy explains the “endocannabinoid system” in which nerve-based receptors throughout the body react to CBD and related compounds.

Percy, a young father whose fiancee, Jillian, comes in with their toddler during my visit (she works there part-time) was with a marketing company before he opened the Your CBD Store in Milford, where the family lives.

Clayton Percy, chief operating officer and general manager of the Your CBD Store location in Milford, in the store with products. The store is one of nearly 400 franchised or affiliated with the Florida company Sunflora.

Augustitus, the nurse from Seymour, leaves without a purchase for her husband, saying, “I’m going to talk to him today before I buy it.”

But unlike marijuana, the selling of CBD products is neither limited nor regulated in most states, including Connecticut, now that federal restrictions are lifted.