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Yeah i use it for ms related muscle spasms/muscle tightness and for it’s usefulness as an anti-inflammatory immune response treatment, also as a neurological protectant to limit the damage done by MS lesions in my brain and spinal cord but not all CBD oils are the genuine article, a genuine high quality CBD oil is made from Hemp that is bred to be high in CBD and the flowers, leaves and stalks are used to produce cannabidiol oil, preferably using CO2 extraction methods, some oils are extracted using ethanol and others use olive oils to extract the Cannabidiol but CO2 extraction is the preferred method as it also extracts all the 100’s of terpenes but equipment to do so is very expensive, thus some manufacturers use ethanol.

The stuff that Holland & Barrett sell under the Jacob Hooy label is not CBD oil as it is produced from cold pressed commercial grade hemp seeds, hemp seed oil is still beneficial for health but you’d be just as well to buy a bottle of Hemp seed salad/cooking oil and take a 5ml spoonful.

I use this stuff, take up to 8 droppers a day (4ml/400mg CBD) which is more than the recommended 2 droppers/day (1ml/100mg) , sometimes i take more, sometimes i take less dependant on how my ms is affecting me. It’s quite expensive being £150 for the small 30ml bottle and £300 for the large 100ml bottle, a large bottle will usually last me 6weeks of daily use.


This is the stuff crudely extracted from industrial hemp and hemp seed.

I bought some from H&B a month ago and I feel like I’m getting some benefit. answer.spoke to several friends who had tried it and were very happy with the results, so, I took the plunge. I’ll keep at it for 3-4 months before I give a defintitve

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