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In clinic costs can vary, the initial consult is for single product application to TGA.

Medicare Rebates are available for InClinic appointments; please refer to your local clinic for details. Please discuss this at your consultation.

How Much Does Proscribed Cannabis Cost?

Medical Cannabis, or Medical Marijuana, is cannabis and cannabinoids that are prescribed by physicians for their patients.

These refunds are dependant on their specific Private Health insurance plans and their level of cover.

Medicare Rebates

Just to list a few of the many tasks involved in the process.

Cbd oil perth

Medicinal cannabis in Australia is highly regulated making its quality and purity different to recreational cannabis which is grown and sold illegally. Medical cannabis is also carefully controlled in its components and dosage and therefore its effects are more predictable and consistent. This greater care and control of medicinal cannabis means that the products are not contaminated like illegal cannabis which can be contaminated with for example, mould or solvents.

Who can Prescribe Medicinal Cannabis in Australia?

Medicinal cannabis is any product that contains cannabis or components derived from the cannabis plant that is prescribed by a doctor to treat or relieve the symptoms of a medical condition.

What is the Difference between Medicinal Cannabis and Street Cannabis?

Plant-based therapies like medical marijuana may be a valid treatment for a number of health conditions including sleep and insomnia, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, PTSD, palliative care, endometriosis, chronic pain, cancer pain and anxiety. To find out more about medicinal cannabis as a suitable treatment option, please contact your doctor or one of our consultants.