cbd plus enfield

Cbd plus enfield

In February 2018, LINX took over the operation of the NSW Ports-owned Enfield Intermodal Terminal in Western Sydney, previously operated by Aurizon. Located close to Sydney’s major M4 and M5 motorways, with a dedicated freight line to Port Botany and direct access to the interstate mainline corridor, the LINX Intermodal Terminal in Enfield offers exporters and importers in regional NSW and Western Sydney seamless and efficient supply chain solutions.

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LINX Intermodal Terminal in Enfield, Western Sydney


LINX Intermodal Terminal in Enfield offers:

Cekala added that with safety regulations in place, the town can now explore what a dispensary could bring to Enfield.

“We’re not adding anything new to this resolution,” he said. “From here, we’re going to be taking our time, exploring the options, and educating ourselves and the public on this business opportunity.”

“I have many relatives and friends involved in the industry,” said resident Tim Norris, adding that the cannabis industry is one of the most highly-regulated industries in the country, and that tax revenue is a key plus for the town, which already has a number of marijuana users.

Residents who spoke at the meeting provided opinions and concerns on both sides of the issue, as they did at the September meeting. Many urged a referendum on the topic.

Resident Chris Marcotte said that the industry also brings jobs to towns and areas where dispensaries or grow operations are located, citing numbers from Massachusetts.

“It’s sole existence would be for us to do the kind of education and peer discussions with others who are in surrounding communities, so that we can be better educated about what the implications of having a dispensary in Enfield would be,” Santanella said.

“Massachusetts has created 13,000 full-time jobs,” Marcotte said. “In the 37 states that have allowed recreational marijuana, they have allowed 321,000 full-time jobs.”