cbd popsicles recipe

Cbd popsicles recipe

For a popsicle that will take you straight to a tropical paradise, try this Pineapple Orange Banana Popsicle. These treats are tangy, sweet, and surprisingly healthy!

Try a refreshing homemade one with our personal favorite ingredient, CBD. Now that sounds like our kind of popsicle.

-Remove from the oven and add the strawberries to the bowl of a food processor. Add 2 tablespoons sugar, juice of half a lime, and CBD tincture. Blend until smooth.

Kiwi Watermelon Pops

-Add the kiwi into a blender or food processor and blend until fully liquefied. For the kiwi, you may need to add in a splash of water or coconut water to help.

Read on to see some of our favorite summer popsicle recipes — with the added bonus of CBD of course.

3 CBD popsicle recipes to try at home:

-Pulse all ingredients together in a blender until smooth.

-Dollop a spoonful of strawberry into the bottom of each popsicle mold. Start by filling 10 molds in case you don’t have enough to fill 12 molds.

Yield: 8 Popsicles with approximately 25mg CBD in each

Summer is in full swing, and as temperatures continue to rise, we have found ourselves desperately searching for new ways to cool off during those extra hours spent outdoors. While we agree that lounging poolside or enjoying a friendly water fight are great options to beat the heat, we believe there’s nothing quite as refreshing than a sweet frozen treat on a warm afternoon.


CBD Limeade Popsicle

Boost your summertime fun by adding CBD to your very own popsicle recipes for a cool and tasty refreshment that will support your body and mind while also satisfying your sweet tooth. See below for 3 yummy, easy, and health-boosting CBD popsicle recipes that can add a little cool relief to those scorching summer days.

What You’ll Need:

Pro tip: Carefully cut thin slices of lime and add to your popsicle molds for a bright summertime look!