cbd recovery drink

Cbd recovery drink

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“Exercise causes tiny micro-tears in muscle fibers, which when repaired, allow the muscle to grow back stronger. But there’s an inflammatory response,” say Andrew Kerklaan Ph.D., creator of the Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics line of cannabis-infused topicals.

With purported benefits that include glowier skin, muscle growth, reduced inflammation, and tissue repair, collagen is already a superstar. But when combined with CBD, the benefits reach a new level. “This combo is the first of its kind,” Altrufuel founder Ian Berger says, who used the protein powder before competing in the 2018 CrossFit Games. “The benefits of collagen are many, and paired with CBD it is any active person’s dream recovery formula for reduced inflammation and increased relaxation.”

Scientists are still in the early stages of studying CBD at a clinical level, but according to Laurie Brodsky, HBSc, ND, Dirty Lemon’s in-house naturopathic practitioner, CBD has been shown to suppress the inflammatory response, along with the neuropathic pain that athletes may experience. “Plus, it may improve sleep quality, and sleep is very important for recovery after exercise,” she says.

1. Altrufuel Collagen Recovery

“Leading up to the Crossfit games I introduced CBD-collagen powder into my training supplementation and my muscles and joints have never felt better,” he says. Worth noting: CBD products won’t lead to failed drug testing at competitive sporting events like the Games.

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Health pros recommend consuming between 15 to 25 grams of protein the hour after running, and this powder provides 20 grams of grass-fed whey protein. It also contains BCAAs, which have been shown to help you feel less zonked post sweat-sesh.

Want to try this high form of post-workout self-care? Get your workout recovery on with the below 11 CBD-enhanced products.

Cbd recovery drink

About O2 Sports Recovery Drink

“We’re proud to launch the world’s first oxygenated CBD recovery sports drink and provide athletes everywhere a safe and meaningful way to easily tap the added recovery benefits of CBD,” said Dave Colina, CEO and founder of O2. “Our top athletes and our own team members are already seeing great benefits from using CBD, and now we’ve made it more accessible and convenient in a recovery drink different from anything else available today. O2+ Hemp CBD is another step toward our mission of helping to make recovery an easy part of a daily fitness routine.”

COLUMBUS, Ohio– O2, makers of a revolutionary line of oxygenated post-workout recovery beverages, has announced it will debut its new line of CBD-enhanced beverages, O2+ Hemp CBD, at 2019 Natural Products Expo East booth #556. Available in two refreshing flavors, Pomegranate Guava and Caffeine-Free Peach Pear, O2+ Hemp CBD contains 10mgs of broad-spectrum hemp extract. Combining the benefits of CBD with the ingested oxygen, electrolytes, and non-carbonated taste O2 is known for, this new line is designed to help athletes accelerate their recovery, spending less time recuperating and more time taking on what’s next.

O2+ Hemp CBD is packed with 10mg broad-spectrum hemp extract, sourced from the hemp plant and therefore THC-free. Each can also contains seven times more oxygen than water and 50 percent more electrolytes than traditional sports drinks. Perfect to drink after any workout no matter the time of day, O2+ Hemp CBD contains no artificial flavors or ingredients and just 1g of organic sugar. Additionally, Pomegranate Guava contains 100mg of natural caffeine for a clean kick off energy without the crash.

O2+ Hemp CBD will be available online at drinko2.com in October for $3.99 per 12 oz. can. O2’s core line of Sports Recovery Drinks is available in more than 50 Whole Foods Market and 400 Kroger stores as well as online and in select CrossFit gyms. For more information, please visit drinko2.com.

Developed by a physician and a CrossFit trainer, O2 is a revolutionary line of post-workout beverages, blending seven times the oxygen of tap water with electrolytes to help athletes accelerate their recovery. Whether it’s high intensity training, indoor cycling, or yoga, O2 offers a delicious and easy way to incorporate the crucial act of recovery into any workout routine. Anyone can train, but the best recover. More information is available at drinko2.com. Follow O2 via @drinko2recovery.