cbd salve labels

Cbd salve labels

It depends on how you describe your muscle rub. If you say that a product ingredient can heal or cure, it becomes an unapproved drug.Check out this example for a company that did it wrong. Avery recommends you contact an attorney or the FDA before you print or order your labels to make sure you’re doing it correctly. I hope this helps.

its fascinating post and You included all the necessary information for us to make a better decision and presented the information in a one-page table that was really easy to read. Your work made it really easy to make a perfect decision. Great job!

Interesting post. Would like more information on ointments containg full spectrum hemp oil

3. Name and place of business

Does this mean you NEED to place your CBD vial inside some sort of box or envelope? Whereas the box/envelope would contain this required information?

How would I label a muscle rub with cbd and essential oils in it? Does calling it a muscle rub, make it a drug and not a cosmetic?

5. Warning or caution statements

Find the right material for your CBD including waterproof and CBD oil-resistant films, metallics, glossy, clear, and many more. Avery also offers thermal transfer roll labels available in white, chrome, and metallic film.

How does nearly every CBD product have a Dietary Supplement Fact label on it if the FDA says it isn’t a dietary supplement?

Cbd salve labels

'Premium Cannabis Clear Oil' -or- 'Pure Distillate Cannabis Oil' vapor cartridges that are featured in both 'Flavored' or 'Terpene derived' varieties. The vapor cartridges are known for their big flavors and original recipes.

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Propaganda Vodka label design

Brand design for American Hemp Extracts. Logo design, labels design and packaging design

Cannabis joint Packaging

ARC HEMP dietary supplement label

Cbd salve labels

You guys are 100% the most supportive vendor I’ve worked with in the past decade. Cheers!

Just wanted to let you know that everything came out great. We picked up the panels today and fitted the labels and everything lines up perfect. Everything looks great. Thank you for everything and also turning it around so quick. Looking forward for the next one.

Sometimes clear stock would work well for a product. White stock can be printed or flo-coated to create a colored background. For a very special effect, our digital texture-effect process can really make a product stand out. If metallic effect is desired, this can be achieved with metallic stock or possibly cold-foil for an embossed look.


If you would like to talk with a label pro about your CBD and/or Cannabis product labels, please use the form below. We would also be delighted to send you samples of our work.

We look forward to applying ourselves to your CBD hemp-oil product labeling requirements.

Amherst Label’s expertise with cold brew coffee and craft beer provides a wealth of experience in label application during the CBD beverage production process. Dry/wet and temperature conditions, speed and other considerations are aspects of label ordering we understand because custom beverage labels are a longtime specialty of ours.

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Our digital label equipment is ideal for high-quality, small-volume label runs and is competitive at larger volumes too. For large production runs, our award-winning flexographic label division is an excellent source for pressure sensitive labels, decals and tags.