cbd veteran owned

Cbd veteran owned

For years, those who experience chronic pain believed FDA-approved pain medications were the only remedy to their conditions. Today, the CBD industry has transformed the way one treats pain and gives patients alternatives. In response, millions of businesses have opened up, offering products such as edibles, tinctures, and self-care items.

About the Owners

The military was a physically demanding job from jumping out of planes and other performance activities, he tells Emerald. After returning home, he experienced aches and pains in his knees. Jeanette introduced Wade to CBD, which drastically reduced his pain levels.

Inside Jade’s Botanical Garden

Jeanette has suffered from migraines since age 13. After years of unsuccessful treatments, she tried CBD as a last resort to her chronic pain. Four years later, Jeanette has seen a drastic change in the rate of her migraines. In fact, her migraines went from occurring once a month, to now about once a year.

Cbd veteran owned

The Portland, Oregon-based business curates sustainable items for their customers and also delivers it to their doors. Depending on the subscription, boxes include three-five personalized goodies.

Jade’s Botanical Garden

Green Box “is a local and family-owned cannabis subscription and on-demand delivery service. [Co]-founded in 2016 by Adrian Wayman, a Black and gay entrepreneur, and his father in law, Bob Wayman, a Vietnam war veteran,” writes Green Box’s website.

Weed for Warriors Project

Mary Palmer is an award-winning CBD company based in Quincy, Massachusetts. The woman and veteran-owned business was founded by Steven “Dj Stenny” Stentiford and Lynne Spinney. Stentiford and Spinney’s creations have garnered a variety of accolades “at competitions like The High Times Cannabis Cup, The Harvest Cup, Terptown Throwdown, NECANN Competition, The Pheno Cup and The Commonwealth Cup,” reports Emerald. But their product have also earned rave reviews by customers.