cbd vs bcp

Cbd vs bcp

Everyone needs healthy amounts of BCP in their system at all times to combat organ damaging processes that could negatively impact your health, productivity and life. Many cannabis oils and products are often rich in BCP, which is probably why they work so well –given their complementary nature.

BCP helps with the relief of stress and anxiety by actively inhibiting the production of cortisol and activating the production of endorphins. This helps improve your mood as well, as your overall sense of wellbeing.

The average individual is stressed these days. From working two jobs to dealing with traffic jams, to raising kids… all of these things contribute to your stress levels, raising them to dangerous levels and compromising your health in the process.

Research and studies have shown that it carries out critical functions in the endocannabinoid system, a critical body-wide network partly responsible for homeostatic processes that ensure chemical balance in the body.

Anxiety and Stress Relief

Every single time you’re stressed, your body activates the hormone, cortisol. The more cortisol you have in your body for extended periods, the more severe the damage you’re doing to your organs and body.

It wasn’t always that way though. It used to be that researchers alluded the unique flavors and aroma of essential oils to BCP. However, a 2008 study showed that its use went beyond that, and that it was indeed a compound capable of incredible healing. That was when its actual use and potency became quantified and proven.

Of course, BCP has always existed, with its many benefits known to herbal and alternative medicine practitioners who have used it for centuries to combat and fight inflammation in the body. This is why you’ll find them using plant oil extracts like clove oil to provide relief to tooth pain. Of course, its benefits aren’t just limited to getting rid of inflammation in the body. There are so many of them, and we’ll be exploring them in short order.

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Immune System Boosting

It may also help shore up your immune system, thus ensuring that you stay disease free for longer. Combined with cannabinoids, it can complement its effects, making the results more intense.

In extreme cases, it can even threaten your source of livelihood. People who suffer from arthritis, joint pain, muscle soreness and whole body pain, will find the soothing benefits beta-caryophyllene, very rewarding.

Cbd vs bcp

Cannabis also contains a little known compound called Beta-caryophyllene or BCP, said to nearly mimic CBD with no psychoactive properties, found in the most fragrant herbs and spices, such as oregano, black pepper, and cinnamon.

“Dr. Mechoulam told me this compound is a game changer for the world,” Moon added. “Every major discovery in human history has to begin somewhere – why not with us?”

In terpenes alone Cannabis sativa L. is the biggest draw to date, with approximately 200 of them producing more than 60 terpeno-phenols, undetected in any other plant on the planet. Aromatherapy is the tip of the ice burg, and merely smoking the plant is just the beginning of how good the medicine of the plant will make you feel – all over, not just via the high.

After all, we as a species upped the THC levels over the past 40 years and this plant was used for centuries prior without the extremely high concentrations of THC. Remember those more than 500 compounds of the plant? They are not remotely connected to the THC component. And while I personally feel I need the THC for my own depression and sleep deprivation, I understand the need is great for good medicine without the high for those who’d rather not partake.

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