cbd vs thc anxiety reddit

Cbd vs thc anxiety reddit

First of all, take every word of this article with a mountain of salt. Why? Because the author uses "mice" and "rats" interchangeably.

Smoking has the least “bioavailability” giving your body access to just 4-5% of present cannabinoids. Eating is the most bioavailable around 12%, on average. Companies are starting to microencapsulate THC. Basically use lipids to shield the molecule from your stomach acid to give you a higher bioavailability.

I've always suspected that various adjunct cannabinoids are largely responsible for differences between cannabis strains, and the sativa/indica dichotomy in particular. The problem with a lot of academic marijuana research is that it looks specifically at THC, and not the full spectrum of cannabinoids found in actual plants.

Cbd vs thc anxiety reddit

I've been great effects from taking some My homemade CBD oil ( Hawaiian haze strain) due a few. I think better then mixing CBD flower with thc buds. Seem to last longer as well . I can now enjoy some thc buds again. A few tokes thou is all can do or my mind start looping

I have not experienced the kind of "mind stuck on a loop" anxiety that I have occasionally gotten with high THC weed now that I am blending it. Anyhow I'd recommend trying blending your own rather than trying to find that magic strain with the perfect ratio.

I do 4:1 cbd:thc and usually just take four or five bong tokes but mileage may vary. I'm super sensitive to THC and get anxious if I overindulge

Actually, experimenting is a good idea, I was kinda trying to find the magic as you said. I didn't know about delta-8. Thanks for sharing

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Do you feel the effect right away, and do I have to do it for a week or so?

I heard that it's best to consume CBD with a bit of THC for the effects of the CBD to be at there highest. And what is the ratio?

Currently I am mixing my own blends with CBD hemp and regular bud, and also experimenting with delta-8 THC (highly recommended and goes great with CBD).

Hey read your comment. I've been wanting for awhile to get some delta 8. How are effects for you ? And what would be best reputable company to order with delta 8?

I would start with 10:1 CBD:THC and go from there.