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Cbd x

What’s the X factor in your business? What’s your destination? We dig deep—gathering data and finding insights—to find out. From these insights, we create marketing and online marketing strategies where every step is a thoughtful build of your brand.

We offer the best of both worlds—award-winning creativity and production expertise—so that your projects are creative, goal driven, and delivered on time.

We believe in creative inspiration, eureka moments, and those sparks created by the knowledge and goals you share with us about your organization, product or service.

Marketing & Brand Strategy

X means multiplying results. Your marketing results. We create campaigns and communications that get the word out. The work done. The sales made. Our work reflects our commitment to great strategies, thoughtful design and impactful messages.

We are a SWaM certified results-driven boutique marketing firm with a 25 year legacy in the DC Metro Area. We help associations, businesses, and organizations achieve their marketing and business goals through marketing driven design and strategic web & print campaign deployment.

Graphic Design

Landing pages to a robust eCommerce sites, we approach each project as unique balancing act of user experience, SEO, and operations optimization.

Cbd x

“The CBD that we use is pharmaceutically manufactured under FDA guidance,” said Dr. Melmed, who also adds Dr. Melmed adds it also does not contain THC, and is non-euphoric.

“It’s actually rubbed onto the children’s shoulders,” said Dr. Melmed.

The trial involves applying a CBD gel to treat some common behaviors in patients with Fragile X.

A local autism research center is hoping to experiment on patients, specifically with Fragile X Syndrome, a genetic condition that causes intellectual disabilities and other challenges. Fragile X is the most common genetic cause of autism, and a researcher wants to experiment and see the effects of a certain type of CBD gel on young patients ages 3 to 17.

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“It’s actually rubbed onto the children’s shoulders,” said Dr. Melmed.

Like many other rare diseases, there’s currently no FDA-approved drug treatment options for Fragile X. The CBD gel that will be used is different from others, in that it does not directly come from the marijuana plant.

“We believe there is a system in the body called the Endocannabinoid System, which is a system of neurotransmitters, and there’s something that goes awry in these transmitters for children with Fragile X,” said Dr. Melmed. “Were we to change the makeup of those transmitters, we might indeed cause improvements in these individuals. “