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Charlotte’s Web Hemp Extract-Infused Calm Gummies combine CBD to ease stress, but do they work? Read our expert's Charlotte's Web Review and find out. Get 3 packs of 90 count Charlotte’s Web Calm CBD oil gummies with full spectrum hemp extract all at once and save. Charlotte’s Web may be one of the world’s most popular CBD brands. But, are their products all that they appear to be?

Charlotte’s Web Calm Gummies Review (2021): Full-Spectrum, Lemon Lime, 300-900mg

As award-winning CBD pioneers, Charlotte’s Web has a simple purpose: to unleash the healing powers of botanicals with compassion and science, benefiting the planet and all who live upon it. They’re committed to serving others—and to provide a better way of living.

Charlotte’s Web has pioneered the industry standards that allow people to benefit from the hemp plant. They extract their CBD from organically grown hemp using a supercritical CO2 extraction. Independent laboratories test every batch for purity and CBD levels. Their proprietary extraction processes enable them to retain all naturally occurring terpenes, essential oils, cannabinoids, and other beneficial compounds at the highest levels.

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Charlotte’s Web Calm Gummies Review

Smell (Irrelevant to effects)

Charlotte’s Web Calm Gummies don’t smell quite as fruity as you might want them to. They’re very herby and earthy, smelling with a hint of tart fruitiness, but it’s also very assuring that you’re getting a natural product made from plants.

Taste (Irrelevant to effects)

Luckily, the Calm Gummies taste better than they smell. They’re labeled as lemon-lime flavored, which rings true once the gummy’s sweet citrusy flavor is released.

These gummies contain lemon balm and organic lemon juice, and they use other natural fruit and vegetable juices for color and flavoring. The gummies are also naturally sweetened with tapioca syrup and beet sugar. They make for a fun, delicious way to get your daily dose of CBD.


These hemp extract-infused gummies are both soft and chewy, and they don’t get stuck in your teeth like some gummy treats tend to do. We appreciate that they also lack a sugary coating, as we find it easier to chew and swallow because they lack a sour taste.

These cube-shaped gummies come in a childproof container – while they look and feel just like regular gummy candy, parents can have peace of mind that their small children won’t be stealing their supplemental snacks.

Effects (Onset, Duration, Intensity)

Each serving (2 gummies) has 10 mg of phytocannabinoids, 75 mg of lemon balm, and 50 mg of L-theanine. Phytocannabinoids, such as cannabidiol (CBD), are naturally occurring chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant, offering many medical benefits.

Lemon balm promotes calmness and eases stress, and L-theanine is known to help with relaxation and focus. Combine these three ingredients, and you’ve got yourself a delicious supplement that naturally promotes calmness and relaxation.

Taking two gummies, as suggested, is calming without being sedating, though users can take more or less depending on what works for you and your body. The amount of full-spectrum hemp extract that’s right for you will depend on several factors, including weight, sex, age, and other medications are taken.

Effects last about four to six hours, so it’s suggested to take a dose in the morning to slide into a stress-free afternoon. Feel free to take another dose as needed, but be aware that effects will come on after about 30 to 60 minutes – edibles depend on your metabolism and are not as fast-working as a CBD tincture or vape tend to be.

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Charlotte’s Web Calm Gummies Suggested Use

Best Used For

Because of the added lemon balm and L-theanine, these gummies are best used to help combat day-to-day life stresses. While they are not quite strong enough to replace an anti-anxiety medication, they can be a wonderful, natural addition to anybody suffering from routine tension.

They’re portable and discrete enough for easy on-the-go dosing, making them a preferred CBD product for travel or a stressful day at work without getting questioning looks from passersby or coworkers.

CBD is also a natural stress and anxiety reliever. They are easily incorporated into daily routines at a relatively small dose per gummy (5 mg).

Best Used With (Complimentary Product)

Charlotte’s Web Calm Gummies come in three varieties: Calm, Sleep, and Recovery. We suggest beginning a daily regimen using all three and upping or lowering doses of each one as necessary. While Calm gummies offer relief from mild stress throughout the day, Sleep gummies with melatonin are great before bed, and Recovery gummies make a delicious post-workout supplement.

While it is impossible to overdose on CBD, it is important to see what works best for your body. If you expect a day to be more stressful than usual, feel free to up the dose of Calm gummies to three while skipping a Recovery gummy later in the day, for example. Find the balance that works for you and adjust as necessary.

Suggested Use:

Adults: Take two gummies once per day.

Store in a cool, dry place away from light. Do not use if the safety seal is broken or missing.

Keep out of reach of children. As with any dietary supplement, consult your physician before use if you are pregnant, nursing, have or suspect a medical condition, or are taking any medications.

Calm Gummies Price & Comparison

Each jar contains 60 gummies, and every gummy has 5 mg of phytocannabinoids – totaling 300 mg of CBD, more or less in every jar. At $54.99 per jar, you’re looking at about $0.18 per mg of CBD or about $0.92 per gummy.

Compared with Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies, Charlotte’s Web gummies are a reasonable price when considering lemon balm and L-theanine’s additional effects. While Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies are about $1.65 per gummy, they also contain 15 mg of CBD.

If you’re looking for a product to act specifically as a natural calming aid, Charlotte’s Web Gummies is a good purchase.


CBD gummies are becoming increasingly popular, so companies need to stand out with their products. Charlotte’s Web gummies fare well in competition due to the company’s dedication to quality standards. They carry a seal of approval from the U.S. Hemp Authority – their hemp is non-GMO, subject to rigorous soil testing, and plants are tended by hand. Charlotte’s Web is also a member of the American Herbal Products Association, and they regularly test their water sources. Products are legal in all 50 states.

Charlotte’s Web tests their hemp every five days during harvest season to ensure their products meet the company’s strict quality standards. Their main goal is consistency, and products are manufactured in an FDA-regulated facility. You can find lab results on their website by entering your specific batch number here or by emailing or calling customer service.

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Charlotte’s Web was awarded a 98.9% rating in a voluntary audit of current Good Manufacturing Practices, so you can be sure that they offer nothing but the highest quality hemp extract products on the market.

Featured In

Label & Indredients

Plant-Based Cannabinoids + L-Theanine + Lemon Balm

Chew yourself to chill: Charlotte’s Web™ Calm gummies are packed with Lemon Balm, L-Theanine, and hemp’s naturally occurring and beneficial phytocannabinoids. Together, they ease normal anxiety associated with routine stress. Relieve tension in your body and mind with these bite-sized treats. If you’ve got these, relax – you got this.

Gluten Free, Non GMO, and Vegan.

60 Lemon Lime Flavor Hemp Extract-Infused Gummies

10 mg Plant-Based Cannabinoids per serving

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 2 gummies (8 g)
Servings Per Container: 30
Calories: 25
Total Carbohydrate: 6g, 2%*
Dietary Fiber: 1g, 4%*
Total Sugar: 3 g**
Incl. 3 g Added Sugars: 6%*
Sodium: 10 mg, Lemon Balm: 75 mg**
(Melissa officinalis) (1:2)
L-Theanine: 50 mg**
Hemp Extract (aerial parts)t: 20 mg**
[Minimum naturally occurring total phytocannabinoids, 10 mg]

* Percent Daily Values (DV) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

Other Ingredients:

Tapioca Syrup, Beet Sugar, Fructooligosaccharides (FOS), Water, Natural Flavors, MCT Oil, Pectin, Less Than 1% of Malic Acid, Spirulina Extract (Color), Sodium Citrate Dihydrate, Organic Lemon Juice Concentrate, Citric Acid, Organic Sunflower Lecithin, Tapioca Starch.

The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

First Hand Review


I use them to calm myself and that’s exactly what they do!

Cynthia L

90ct CBD Oil Gummies Calm 3-Pack

Our CBD Calm gummies were formulated to help you meet life’s stressful situations with ease and better focus.* Counter everyday stresses while supporting increased focus and relaxation with a botanical blend of lemon balm and full-spectrum hemp extract by Charlotte’s Web™. Stock up on a three-pack of our largest count and add these CBD oil gummies to your daily routine.

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HEMP20– 20% off your entire purchase. Valid for a maximum of 10 items per cart. This offer is not valid toward bulks & bundles, gummy 3-packs, 10mL oils, or MEDIC Collections. Cannot be combined with other offers such as Rewards Points or Autoship discount.

While you can’t always plan for every tough or hectic moment in your day, you can take our Calm CBD oil gummies with you for on-the-go support when you’d like to tone down everyday stresses. Formulated with our proprietary hemp genetics that feature naturally occurring phytocannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and lemon balm in every bite, our Charlotte’s Web™ hemp extract gummies help:

Manage everyday stressors*

Ease normal anxiety*

Encourage relaxation, without drowsiness*

  • CBD + Lemon Balm
  • CBD – 10mg/serving (from full spectrum hemp extract)
  • Lemon Balm – 75 mg/serving
  • USA Grown Hemp
  • 90 Count
  • Adults: Take 2 gummies daily, as needed.
  • Good for relaxation.*
  • As with any dietary supplement, consult your physician before use if you are pregnant, nursing, have or suspect a medical condition, or are taking any medications.

Common Questions

What functional ingredients are in the gummies?

Our gummies are made with supportive functional nutraceutical and botanical ingredients.

Here are the specifics for each blend:

    – In each serving: 10 mg of CBD and 75mg of Lemon Balm – In each serving: 10 mg of CBD and 3mg of Melatonin – In each serving: 10 mg of CBD, 25mg of Ginger, and 50mg Curcuminoids (from Turmeric)
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How much CBD is in Charlotte’s Web gummies?

Each serving (2 gummies) contains 10mg of CBD.

What is the serving size?

Serving size is 2 gummies.

Are Charlotte’s Web gummies gluten free?
Why did your Calm gummy formula change?

We simplified the ingredients in our Calm gummies to create a cleaner formula, focused on botanical ingredients. The amount of our other functional ingredients does not change; there is still 75mg of lemon balm and 10mg of CBD from a full hemp extract in each serving (2 gummies).

Find answers to more of our questions on our FAQs page.

CBD 101: What Exactly Is hemp?

A powerful cannabinoid found in hemp, CBD can support you in various ways.

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* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. * ⚠️ Must be 21 years of age or older to purchase full-spectrum hemp-derived products (excluding THC-free products) in Louisiana, Oregon and Virginia. * ⚠️ Must be 21 years of age or older to purchase any hemp-derived product in Minnesota and Rhode Island.

Charlotte’s Web Review

Charlotte’s Web may be the world’s most trusted hemp extract we’ve seen yet. This company places huge importance on the quality of their products, ensuring strict labeling instructions and even stricter marketing techniques. The history behind Charlotte’s Web is incredible in and of itself, but the success they’ve had with their products is no surprise once you’ve tried their goodies.

Compared to the competition, Charlotte’s Web’s CBD oils, topicals, gummies, and even pet products are miles above the rest. The packaging, for one, simply feels more luxurious than most. On the tongue (or under), these CBD products don’t produce overwhelming flavors; rather, they’re natural, subtle, and extremely easy to consume.

These products are absolutely ideal for helping to manage everyday stressors, and they all helped to support a sense of calm and focus that I desperately needed.

I will say, most of their products have quite low CBD doses, making them ideal for beginner consumers. However, even just 17mg might not be enough for newbies. For you experienced consumers out there, I’d suggest doubling your dose for best results.

Charlotte’s Web is a pioneer in the CBD game. Their products are beautifully packaged with clear, detailed information every consumer deserves to know. The company uses all-natural ingredients to bring out hemp flavors that I loved. Though, even the flavored products were subtle and delicious. Charlotte’s Web’s doses tend to be quite low, making the efficacy a bit mild–especially for the price. But, I can’t complain: their products still helped support a sense of calm that I hadn’t felt in a while.

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