cooking with cbd

Many daily users love the earthy, grassy taste of CBD oil – but a few people find that the flavour simply doesn’t agree with them. Do you have difficulty holding CBD oil under your tongue because you don’t care for the flavour? No problem! You can still experience the effects by cooking with CBD oil. In this guide, we’ll show you how – but first, let’s discuss some of the benefits and drawbacks of taking CBD oil with food.

As stated above, the most important thing to remember when taking CBD oil with food is that CBD oil isn’t cooking oil because the CBD rapidly dissipates into the air when heated above 160° C. In addition, many people find that CBD oil turns bitter when it’s heated excessively. Keep your CBD oil away from direct heat. Use CBD oil in food by mixing it with cold foods, room temperature foods, foods cooked at low temperatures and foods that have already been cooked.

Benefits of Taking CBD Oil With Food

Are you a fan of takeout or restaurant foods – or simply don’t enjoy cooking with recipes? No problem! You can drizzle a bit of CBD oil over virtually any food. Try mixing a little CBD oil with your favourite soups, stews and curries. You can also add CBD oil to any smoothie or nut butter.

Drawbacks of Taking CBD Oil With Food

Cooking with cbd

While taking a CBD oil supplement will affect each individual differently, most people associate CBD oil with words like calm, relaxed, reduced stress and peacefulness. (source)

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CBD oil can be consumed my ingesting the oil itself, through a vaporizer, or by eating it used in cooking and baking! (source) It is 100% safe to use, and can even be used for pets with anxiety.

CBD stands for cannabidiol. (can·na·bid·i·ol) It is a chemical compound found in the cannabis plant that has been shown to help with stress and anxiety, relieve pain and even possibly help prevent cancer.

CBD oil drink recipes

I’ve put together this resource on CBD oil to help you learn more about what it is, the benefits it has, and how you can use it in your cooking and baking.

Try something different by using CBD oil in some savoury recipes or as a butter to use on toast, or in your cooking

(Think of like incorporating more green vegetables into your diet. After one day, you may not necessarily feel very different, but after a bit of time, you may start to feel healthier, more energetic and experience less brain fog.)

CBD oil possible side effects

CBD is shown to have a relaxing effect by repressing the arousal of your nervous system, and can, therefore, help relieve anxiety. You may not notice any immediate change when taking CBD oil since CBD oil is not like taking a psychoactive drug. You may feel more benefits from incorporating CBD oil into your routine over the course of a week.

There are two main cannabinoids found in the cabanas plant. The first is Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and it is the main psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis, which gives the sensation of feeling “high” when ingested or smoked. This is the cannabinoid that is often associated with marijuana. The second main cannabinoid is CBD. Which unlike THC, is not psychoactive and therefore will not get you high.

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