ebay cbd vape

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Ebay cbd vape

Basically in selling a 4500mg oil at £14.95 you would be losing a huge amount of money on each and every sale, even as the manufacturer.

Now any CBD Oil manufacturer would immediately see red flags upon seeing this product at this price – the supposed 4500mg of “Hemp oil extract” content (i.e. one would rightly assume that means 4500mg full spectrum CBD) alone costs more than £14.95 – even when buying in large bulk direct from a hemp farm. Then there’s the cost of the bottle, the carrier oil, labour to fill the bottle, cost of printing the label, Ebay fees, Paypal fees, 1st Class postage, potentially 20% VAT, oh and ideally some profit margin.

We saw some CBD for sale on Ebay that was suspiciously cheap – advertised as 10ml of Hemp Extract oil, 4500mg content, a snip at £14.95. With free shipping no less. Now they don’t actually say CBD in the product title because this will get their Ebay listing taken down in about 5 minutes because Ebay do not officially permit the sale of CBD products.

It’s long been known in the CBD industry that there are a lot of fake CBD products, and falsely advertised CBD prodcuts, being sold by sellers on Ebay. Impossibly cheap prices usually give the game away to other CBD vendors who know the true cost of producing these CBD products, but of course many consumers won’t know that £14.95 for a 4500mg oil is simply impossible.