erewhon cbd oil

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Erewhon cbd oil

As California celebrates its 6-month legalized cannabis anniversary, a new industry of THC and CBD-infused drinks, along with an abundance of other cannabis-infused products are finding their way into mainstream society.

A few bottles of Kickback Cold brew Coffee ended up at the FOODBEAST offices a few months back. Made with CBD and hemp oil, this cold brew is a tasty way to take off the edge. Some cold brew mixtures can be an easy way to jump-start your mornings or afternoon routine, but most likely end in a jittery crash. Adding CBD to this tasty mixture helped ease after-coffee anxiety and prevented a harsh crash.

Although legal gray areas exist pretty much everywhere cannabis does, if you are of age or someone you know that is older than 21, has been curious about trying a CBD-infused drink, but want to avoid any awkwardness or confusion at a marijuana collective — here are some you can buy right now, without setting foot in a dispensary.

Erewhon cbd oil

You can thank Prop 64 for this one: Erewhon — the all-natural grocery store for people who think that Whole Foods uses too many additives in its products — has just merged a few of your favorite things, meaning you can now add cannabis oil to your in-store coffee and smoothies.

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You don’t even need a medical card to do it: The store is supplementing its, uh, supplements with CBD-oil from Charlotte’s Web. The weed-purveyor claims it doesn’t get you high, man, but will mellow you out. That sort of defeats the whole purpose of coffee in the first place, but hey, it’s worth a try, right?

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