extracto de cbd

Extracto de cbd

Alcohol . It is not strictly a carrier oil. Alcohol-based CBD drops have a very long life, as they can be kept indefinitely if the humidity, darkness and temperature conditions are suitable. On the other hand, they are quickly absorbed. The problem compared to the rest of the products mentioned is palatability, since most people do not like the taste. Alcohol-based products are very rare on the European CBD market. However, the end result is a very stable product that is easily associated with other more conventional health products.

To make this mixture, the carrier oil is mixed with a purified extract that has been partially isolated and recomposed. It is a light golden oil, without chlorophyll and generally tastier than natural.

Here are the three most common blends in the world of cannabidiol oils.

Organic hemp seed oil . An oil that is cold pressed, rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, in a proportion of 80% but fragile and with a very limited shelf life of just one year. This oil deteriorates very easily if it is not stored under proper conditions. In addition, its microbial contamination can be excessive, thus losing a lot of quality.


Olive oil . Its CBD loading capacity is very high and it also acts as a natural preservative. The half-life of olive oil in perfect condition is 18 months.

This blend is made by mixing carrier oil with pure, isolated CBD, a white crystalline powder. Please note that this product does not contain any THC. Isolated CBD is usually used mainly in the field of vaporizers and skin products, being common in the production of CBD balm or CBD cream.

To make this oil, the carrier oil is mixed with unrefined natural hemp extract , obtained by supercritical CO2. The resulting product contains the full spectrum of terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids that are present in the cannabis plant.

Natural full spectrum CBD + CBDA

All the mixtures that we put at your disposal allow both skin application and use as a sublingual CBD oil , always depending on the proportion of extract and carrier oil. We show you the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

Natural CBD oils are clearly differentiated by their strong smell and taste . They still contain chlorophyll, so they are a very characteristic dark green. Natural blends contain CBDA, and are not decarboxylated.

Extracto de cbd

In English | Los defensores del cannabidiol, o CBD, un componente químico de la marihuana y del cáñamo que no droga a los consumidores, insisten en promocionarlo como un tratamiento alterno para una variedad de enfermedades. Pero una organización de oftalmólogos recomienda no intentar usar el CBD como remedio para el glaucoma, una enfermedad que los adultos mayores en Estados Unidos están en mayor riesgo de contraer.

por: Patrick J. Kiger, AARP, 28 de febrero de 2019

Un estudio reciente sugiere que el producto derivado de la marihuana podría empeorar la enfermedad.

El grupo de oftalmólogos mencionó un estudio realizado por los investigadores de la Indiana University, publicado en la edición de diciembre de la revista Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science. Los investigadores observaron que los ratones que recibieron gotas oculares con extracto de CBD sufrieron un aumento del 18% en la presión del ojo —una característica del glaucoma— al menos cuatro horas después de recibir la dosis.

"No usen CBD como remedio ‘natural’ para el glaucoma", advirtió la American Academy of Ophthalmology en un comunicado de prensa relacionado con el Mes de concienciación del glaucoma.